How can new technology improve the courier industry?

Technology is always constantly changing. This allows life and industry to evolve, making work easier and giving a greater focus on increased productivity. The courier industry is no exception, and technological advances have made it easier to send and keep track of items. In our latest article, we’ll take a closer look at just what exactly has been introduced and how this is helping.

The range of vehicles

Long gone are the days when parcels or items would be delivered in a standard van, and everything would be clumped together. Whilst this approach is generally fine for things such as letters or non-fragile packages, the fact is that a lot of parcels which are transported do not fall into this category, and require a transportation medium to suit. Technology has allowed vehicles to become adaptable in such a way that they can cater for transporting very delicate or sensitive items. Items such as medical equipment or food require very temperature dependant environments. Technology has allowed vans to be built which are able to regulate the temperature. This means the goods can be preserved safely when being transported.


Another big benefit of the introduction of technology has been the tracking facilities that have emerged. Whilst this started very basic, GPS has allowed for real time and pin point accuracy when parcels are being transported and delivered. This created a degree of security and confidence within the industry because it means that customers can have easy and quick access to be able to focus on their parcels.

Delivery software

Courier related software has transformed the way the courier industry operates – especially for larger firms. Most of these software systems can handle huge amount of data and paperwork, which ranges from planning routes to ensuring that receipts and records are stored for all transactions and parcels that are delivered.  Having everything to hand in one centralised place has saved time, money and effort for all.

Automation and artificial intelligence

More advanced and bigger courier companies have incorporated the likes of automation and AI into their processes. Automation can help save lots of time on regular and repeated tasks, helping to improve productivity. We only have to think about the likes of drones delivering parcels to see how something like this can become a reality.

Artificial Intelligence is still a relatively new concept generally, but it won’t be long before it finds its way into the courier industry, further changing and revolutionising the way it operates.

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