How do couriers keep your parcels safe?

Theft of parcels is a regular problem. This problem can become more prevalent around certain times of the year (such as Christmas) or when money is short and ‘times are difficult,’ such as we are experiencing now. Couriers have a range of tools, tricks and equipment to keep their parcels safe, and ensure they end up at the right destination with the right recipient and not in the wrong hands!

Hiring a specialist courier service to deliver your items safely and efficiently is often much safer than relying on standard postal services, running significantly less risk of your parcel being lost or damaged during transit. At Rock Solid Deliveries, our team of specialist couriers go above and beyond to ensure that your parcels are delivered safely and securely, aiming to provide the highest possible quality of service. In this article we explore how couriers can help lower the risk of items being stolen.


Sometimes it is not individual items that get stolen but whole vans or vehicles. Those that have tracking devices fitted buy the police a healthy amount of time to be able to follow, trace or intercept the stolen vehicle, making recovery of the goods more likely.

Good to know: Rock Solid Deliveries only carry individual items on a per job basis, so your goods will never be with anyone else’s. This way of operation can also lower risk as far as theft is concerned.

(Remote) CCTV

CCTV can be vital when it comes to catching criminals in the act and protecting the safety of employees and parcels. It is even better if this CCTV is monitored remotely, because it can’t be destroyed or tampered with by savvy criminals who know how to hide their identity and ensure that any footage is deleted.


Perhaps this is an obvious one, but the amount of vehicles which are not properly secure can be surprisingly high. Any locks are better than none at all, but locks vary widely in terms of quality. Couriers must ensure that high quality locks and safety devices are fitted to their vehicles, conforming to the latest standards and requirements. Technology changes all the time and new locking devices are coming to market which protect even better.

Extra staff

Two heads are better than one, and many hands make light work! If your consignment is deemed risky or at high chance of theft, it is also wise to take another staff member along. Many couriers that experience parcels which are stolen are often lone workers. Whilst this clearly can’t be done in all cases, a balance and assessment of risk is a sensible approach here, and common sense should dictate when it is wise to send two people.


Sometimes how the staff behave in a situation can be the key. Training staff on risk management, what to look out for, or how not to get themselves into dangerous situations, can all lower the risk of parcels being stolen and keeping the employee’s safety at the highest level.

Good to know: All our staff at Rock Solid Deliveries are highly trained and we are well aware of the problem of parcel theft. We ensure all our staff remain vigilant at all times. Our policy of concentrating whilst on the road doesn’t only stretch to traffic but to everything else that is going on around too!

Rock Solid Deliveries understand the inconvenience, stress and frustration that parcel theft can bring. Safety of our employees and customer’s packages are our number 1 priority and you can ensure we take the most comprehensive steps to protect everyone.

Full GPS tracking and live updates

To keep you from feeling left in the dark when it comes to your parcel delivery, Rock Solid Deliveries provide live GPS tracking on all of our courier services. This means that you receive live updates on the whereabouts of your parcel and are kept in the loop every step of the way.

We believe that great communication is the key to a quality service. By keeping our customers updated on the location of their items during transit, we aim to involve them within the delivery process and provide them with the peace of mind that their items are on the way. This helps to guarantee that parcels arrive safely and within the delivery timeframe, as well as reassure that your items have not been lost during transit.

Proof of delivery

When your parcels have been safely delivered to their destination, our team at Rock Solid Deliveries will provide you with proof of delivery sent instantly to your provided email address, keeping you up to date on the whereabouts of your parcel and helping to ensure that all items have been safely transported to the correct location. We aim to involve our customers every step of the way, making sure that you are kept constantly updated on the whereabouts of your valuables to guarantee peace of mind as well as safe and efficient delivery.

Personal courier services

Larger courier companies tend to deal with a larger number of deliveries on a daily basis in comparison to smaller couriers. Catering for a higher workload can mean that problems can sometimes occur, resulting in deliver times not being met or parcels being misplaced. With a smaller courier company that provides a more personal and dedicated courier service, these issues are less likely to occur.

With over 25 years of experience in the courier industry, our urgent delivery couriers provide a reliable service that you can trust. If you need a parcel delivered quickly, our same day courier is on hand to help. Click the link to find out more.

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