How does a personality create good customer service?

If you work as a delivery driver or are thinking of doing so, you’ll probably think that being good at driving, staying alert and being agile enough to lift and load parcels are probably some of the most important ‘specification requirements’ of the job. This is true, an individual does need to be able to do and handle those things. However, being a courier driver is so much more than being able to deliver a box from A to B. Couriers are very people orientated roles, and as such, workers need to ensure they have the right personal characteristics also. In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at customer service within the courier industry from our own experience as same day couriers and bespoke couriers.

  • Putting the customer first.

The customer is the most important asset in any business, and it simply would not exist without its supply of work. Whilst your customers don’t technically employ you, it can sometimes help to think of it in this way, because ultimately, the customer is at the heart of your business and is providing you with the work and a job.

  • The right body language.

Sometimes it is often about what you don’t say rather that what you do! Addressing someone with arms folded and looking down at the floor for example, is hardly a great welcome. A courier driver is the front facing role of the business, therefore they need to be approachable and friendly, both in what they say and what they ‘do.’

  • Remaining calm and cool under pressure.

There can be many times when being a courier driver can be stressful. Whether it is delays on the road, a difficult customer, or a large workload amongst others. The best employees to any courier company are still able to provide good customer service even in the face of all these problems and circumstances. If you can keep your nerve under pressure this is a big positive.

  • Being sharp and acting quick.

Fast responses are favoured in any business situation, and this most definitely applies to the courier industry. If you are a person that can be aware of problems before they exist and take proactive steps to solve them if they arise, this will make you an asset to your company. It is also one of the cornerstones of good customer service.

  • Listening and engaging.

They say that listening is one of the greatest things a person can do. When it comes to customer service it is vital. Good couriers listen to their customers and do the best to accommodate their needs and requirements. There is a lot of competition today in the courier industry, and someone who provides a mere basic service will not do enough in the eyes of many. If you can listen and engage with your customers, you will find that this brings a great many benefits.

  • Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes.

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Some people can’t accept their mistakes and will simply blame others. Admitting a mistake not only proves you are human, it also proves you are honest and willing to make a change. Customers appreciate this, and someone who can be seen as ‘upfront’ and ‘real’ always provides the best customer service.

We at Rock Solid Deliveries have built our business to ensure we take good customer service as our number one priority. We ensure that any of our workers or employees have these qualities in their personality and are aware of these principles. Looking to find out more? Visit our company values page now.

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