How does bad weather affect transportation and delivery?

This is an article which can not only apply to courier and delivery companies like ours, but also wider and larger scale transportation services which operate on a commercial basis. We are all at the mercy of the weather, and living in the UK we know this better than anyone. This is perhaps a poignant post with autumn around the corner! So have you ever thought though how the weather can impact parcel or courier deliveries? In our latest article, we’ll explore this question further.

When it comes to parcel deliveries and weather, literally anything can be affected – no matter what the size, weight, cost or durability. Some of the most problematic weather which can have serious impact on parcels being delivered include the likes of heavy rain and floods, high winds, snow and snowstorms, and even natural hazards which are outside of weather, which include earthquakes and volcanoes. Of course, if you are in the UK, you are not likely to be worried by the last two, but a fair chuck of parcels are transported from abroad and even across the world, where these factors can come into play. The important point to take from this is that it is not just local weather conditions that could have an impact on your parcel delivery, but also those much further afield!

When we think about how the weather can impact delivery, it helps to think of the way parcels are transported, then the impact on each of these transportation mediums, because they will be all different.

Boat – If parcels are arriving by boat, or involve a stretch at sea they can be prone to many adverse weather events. High winds and fogs and probably the most hazardous along with large waves, which can often make ferry or boat sailings impossible, with the result in days of delays.

Aircraft – Most items travelling or originating from abroad do so by air. Whilst air is a little less restrictive because planes are designed to fly above the weather, they all have to take-off and land. These are critical phases of any flight and ones where good weather is needed. Storms of any kind can hamper parcels which rely on air travel causing delays.

Rail – Everyone has heard of the tongue in cheek ‘excuse’ of leaves on the line being responsible for rail delays, but it just proves how sensitive rail tracks and trains can be. Excess heat can cause train tracks to buckle, and Ice can be a very dangerous hazard for trains. Rail is a popular way that items can be transported domestically, but the optimum weather conditions are still needed here too.

Road –  Everyone knows the chaos that snowfall can bring, torrential rain which results in flash flooding, or thick fog which you can literally not see further than your hand. Adverse weather conditions on the road are not just inconvenient, they are often dangerous, and this is something that many courier companies and drivers face on a regular basis. When time is critical in such services like emergency delivery or same day couriers, the weather can prove a big problem. Having foresight of weather forecasts to avoid the worst of the weather or have a plan B alternative route can be vital in these situations.

Whatever the weather, Rock Solid Deliveries will keep their promise and deliver within agreed time frames, offer a professional service, and at an affordable price. Sometimes weather situations arise which are out of our control, but be assured we will always have contingency plans and do our best to avoid the worst of the conditions.

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