How should the courier industry cope with uncertainty?

Uncertainty is a word that understandably creates fear in a lot of people. With the current situation we have been experiencing over the last few months, the world of work and commerce is a very ‘uncertain’ environment. In our latest article we will take a look at some positive ways that the courier industry can cope with these uncertain times and how we can come out stronger at the other end. You might also find that these points are useful for life generally at the moment!

Firstly, consideration needs to be thought on who advice is taken from. We know that is a bit ironic considering we are giving advice here! Most people have good intentions, but even so-called experts can be wrong. Sometimes as industry professionals you are your own best expert and your gut feeling on a decision or path can often be a good starting point or indeed the best way forward.

The whole problem with uncertainty is it cannot be controlled, yet, even in a situation like we are going through now, there will always be some elements and certain things you can control (even if you can’t on most.) Focusing on this can help. Is it revamping your website to get more sales, or changing or adjusting your courier business model to reflect the current times? Focus on what you can do.

Have a plan. We always know that generally plans don’t go to plan, however in business and in a dynamic environment like the courier industry, it is important to have a plan A, B or even C, and map out what different consequences and outcomes could be. This makes it much more helpful to action and see steps to make adjustments to return to the path, if you are finding that events are knocking you off course. As part of this, it also helps to get into a routine and do things systematically, so important decisions or considerations are not missed or left out.

Risk is probably the next biggest fear after uncertainty, yet it is also another crucial part of business development. Daring to think outside the box, coming up with and trying a new idea are all ways that improvements in business can be made. In the courier industry if we keep the same glasses on and the same old way of doing things then everything eventually becomes stagnant, our businesses do not develop and we do not discover new and exciting innovations.

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries we have had to take all these points on board as we navigate through and beyond the current coronavirus situation. We believe that these approaches are fundamental in ensuring that our business model and the wider courier industry remains relevant and in-touch with customers and consumers at this time.

We are still operating throughout this crisis and would love to help you with your same day delivery or other courier projects. Contact us to discuss requirements and for a quote.







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