How To Help Us Keep Your Package Safe

If there is one thing we like more than delivering parcels to people on the same day as the order, it is making sure that the parcels placed into our care are safe.

The most important people to us? You and your customer. We want to keep you happy and we want to ensure that your customer is happier. Through our speed and reliability, we can do that - but we need to work with you on one particular thing. We need to help each other ensure that the packages we deliver arrive in good condition.

As same day couriers, we want our packages to get to their destination on time and intact, and we know how to do just that. However, a lot happens on the road, which means a lot can happen to packages. From braking the vehicle, loading the packages and general movement, packages do tend not to stay still. Fragile items are vulnerable; some seriously fragile items can be damaged by the vibrations of the road. This isn’t anyone’s fault. It is just basic physics. What was that quote that Forrest Gump came up with? It might be a bit rude for this post, but it is true! Now, it’s none of our business to go snooping through the valuable packages that we deliver same day, so we need those packages and the valuables inside to be secured. That bit of work does need to come from you.

So, what do you need to do if you’re sending out a package? You need to make sure that the items being delivered are compacted and secured. Compacted? That means plenty of wrapping paper or, even better, some bubble wrap. This stops items moving around within the package, meaning that there is a lower chance of breakage. Sometimes, you might dispatch an item that has a heavy case and a padded inside. This wouldn’t usually require much more, but it never hurts to go over the top with packaging. If you can wrap items securely and keep them compacted, you can rely on us to get those packages safely to their destination.

As we said earlier, what you choose to send with us is none of our business, but some information can help. For example, please tell us if the item is fragile. Simply let us know when you book or mark the box - it can never hurt to give us plenty of information.

If you are ever unsure of something, do give us a ring on 0800 999 8220 and we will try our best to help you out. With your help, we will get your packages safely to the doors of your customers. We don’t just pride ourselves on being speedy same day couriers, but speedy, safe, same day couriers and an intact package makes us happy.

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