How To Prepare Fragile Goods For A Courier

Our latest post draws on our experience as fragile items couriers. Out of everything you could possibly think of sending through a courier, those containing glass are probably some of the most risky and fragile you could think of. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at sending glass items, and what you can do to ensure they arrive in an undamaged condition. The beauty of all this advice is that it will apply to fragile items generally, so please do read on for a guide.

All deliveries matter. But deliveries which involve fragile goods are particularly important – you’ll want to be sure that your goods will arrive not just quickly but also undamaged. At Rock Solid Deliveries, we have 25 years’ experience of handling fragile items, so we’re confident we can look after yours too.

There may be many circumstances when you find you need to pack glass. Maybe it is a present to someone, or something you have sold which needs to be sent long distance? Maybe you are moving to a new house and have lots of glassware, or, just have a one time only reason to send glass items. Sending glass is not like sending other parcels. With most others, the item can still remain largely fine and intact even if some damage has occurred. With glass it is very likely that minor damage is not repairable, or the slightest of spoils can completely damage the whole thing.

When you find yourself dealing with glass items to pack for a parcel, firstly you need to ensure you have the correct and adequate amount of packing materials. Don’t use anything that has been used before or shows sign of wear and tear for example, as you are instantly increasing the risk of damaging the glassware before you have even packaged it!

The best thing to do when packaging glass is to firstly use paper (or newspaper) to initially wrap the items. Do this a few times so there are a couple of layers creating some inner protection, and keep the paper wrapped fairly tightly so a secure cushion is provided.

When it comes to wrapping glass, bubble wrap is probably your best friend! You need to wrap it in as much as you can – a good trick is to the point where it becomes difficult to see the item. Once you have done this, adding something like cling film around the structure will ensure that the bubble wrap is held tight and in position.

When you have packaged your glass or fragile item/s sufficiently, remember that this is not the end of it, as you need to ensure that you place protective packaging inside the box to provider another layer of security and extra cushioning. Once inside the box, glass items will move about (just like any item) but the consequences of it could be more grave. Therefore, ensure you have chosen a box which is a sensible fit – not leaving too much or too little space. If the box is bigger, then fill any empty spaces with further packaging.

You will realise that there is only a certain amount you can do, and if you have followed the above, your parcel should be fairly safe. Do you know however that the courier can also take extra measures to ensure your parcel is further protected? Tell us what you need, when you call – The more information you can give us about your package, the better. For example, can you give us the package’s measurements? If it needs a temperature-controlled environment, we can provide that, but only if you tell us you need it!

Careful loading – Your same day courier will be prepared to load your package into the vehicle and secure it. They will have a vehicle that meets your requirements, and extra padding and packing if it’s needed. And your courier won’t stop to pick up any other packages on the way to your delivery destination, so there won’t be anything else in the van to knock against your property and break it.

Use proper packing materials. When planning to transport fragile possessions, preparation is key. Investing in proper packaging supplies ahead of time that will help to keep your items safe and secure during transport is vital for preventing any possible breakages, so proper packing materials should not be overlooked. While it may seem like a more cost effective option to pack your fragile items using newspaper or old towels to cut down on overall transportation costs, materials such as these can actually cause more harm than good and inflict unnecessary damage upon your items. Ensuring that your fragile items have been correctly wrapped for transit is not a step that should be overlooked, and it’s important to use the proper packaging equipment.

Items that are well known for their fragility, such as ceramics and glassware, can be difficult to move without incurring any damages. Therefore, it’s important that your valuables are packaged as best as possible, helping to ensure that they’re kept safe during transit.

To best prepare your fragile glass and ceramic items for transport, it’s best to opt for smaller cardboard boxes that are easier to handle and leave your possessions with less room to move around while on the road. The less empty space surrounding your valuables, the less likely the chance they have of suffering any damage during transit.

To guarantee the best possible protection when preparing your fragile items for safe transport, your cardboard boxes should be packed in a way that cushions your valuables from all angles, not just around the sides of the box. This means lining the bottom of your box with bubble wrap or corrugated inserts that will help to cushion any impact that your parcels may endure while in transit.

If packaging multiple items in the same cardboard box, it’s also recommended that you take the time to wrap each item separately rather than wrapping everything together. This will ensure the best level of protection and prevent any damages.

Fragile items: a quick checklist for successful packing

Cardboard box: to store your item

Bubble wrap: to cushion your item

Packing peanuts: to fill any empty space

Corrugated inserts: for an extra level of protection

Packing tape: for securing packaging.

Pack your fragile items securely

Ensure you choose the best couriers for the job

At Rock Solid Deliveries, our expert couriers provide specialist fragile courier services that guarantee your valuables arrive to your destination safely and in one piece. You can rely on our team to deliver your items in the same perfect condition that they were collected!

For the best possible protection, we never transport fragile items in the same vehicle as other good, helping to prevent any risk of damage and get your items from A to B as safely and efficiently as possible.

Packing up your fragile items in preparation for transport can be a stressful task. Whether you’re getting ready to move house or planning for an event, the items that you’re transporting endure a lot throughout the moving process, and it’s natural to find yourself apprehensive as to whether your valuables are guaranteed a safe journey.

Whether you are looking for a same day courier or fragile items service, Rock Solid Deliveries ensure all our customers are treated uniquely and with the upmost respect. In terms of fragile goods, we are able to provide appropriately sized vans, extra materials such as blankets which can help with transit, a fully insured service, aswell as guaranteeing that your goods will be the only one with the dedicated driver at any one time. On top of the ‘pre’ steps you take to look after your glass items, we provide extra reassurance for those items and is why we are trusted to transport many fragile items such as glassware. With GPS tracking and guaranteed pickup within an hour of booking, you can count on us for a quick and reliable quality of service!

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