The importance of rapid delivery services – confirmed!

At this time of year (but really at any time of year,) everyone knows the importance of fast delivery. When people order items, they want them delivered ‘yesterday,’ as but for the hassle of going out to the shops, they simply know they could just pick them up from the high street or somewhere similar there and then. Until now, there has been little official research done on this, but in our latest blog post, we can share some statistics and information with you about a report which looks at this very topic.

The recent “Retail Expectation Gap report” has shown some quite interesting statistics, but many of us in the industry had long thought and been aware of this.

* The report found that 34% of companies who offer commerce and shopping do not offer next day delivery. Given what we will explain are the consequences of this, we are quite surprised that the figures are so high! In 2021, not only as we head towards Christmas, but taking into account the pandemic and the general rise in online shopping, numbers have accelerated, and more and more people are ordering. As a result of increased demand, suppliers, brands and merchants have also increased, meaning there is competition for a consumers business. If, when a customer gets to the delivery page, and they do not like the options (including inability for fast delivery,) they will simply go elsewhere. The report also suggests that around half of all businesses surveyed know that late, slow, or delayed deliveries can cost them dearly. The simple fact is that there is now more choice to do so. If you don’t offer rapid delivery, chances are someone will, whilst being able to match or keep the price of the item low. This then becomes a wasted opportunity and is a very big mistake from a commercial point.

* If you are not the above, then there is some glimmer of hope, as stats show that rapid delivery is not the be-all and end-all necessarily. The report found that people (58%) were also interested in free delivery services and they would be prepared to wait longer for items if delivery was free. Only 1 in 10 people surveyed expected rapid delivery with free services, so there is some scope here for development of your courier or business delivery model if this applies.

* Clever and sensible courier companies or delivery providers would be mindful of playing close attention to the next statistic. Nearly three-quarters of merchants questioned in this report think they offer enough of a range of delivery options. Clearly though, consumers do have a slightly different outlook, and as the above does prove, it can be dependant on situations and circumstances. From a business perspective, this again does create opportunity whilst having the chance to provide better services and options for the customer and consumers generally.

* The report finally found that those who use delivery management systems are much likely to offer faster and more reliable delivery services. Why? Management systems allow for micro-organisation of orders, meaning the whole process is more streamlined and runs much smoother.

What about us?

Rock Solid Deliveries can do one better. Not only can we deliver parcels on the next day if required, but we are also same day couriers, meaning we can offer the quickest of delivery options. There may be a time when you need this, so this service is very useful to keep in mind.

This piece of research does generate some very interesting information for both businesses and consumers alike. It is how this information is interpreted and used to make positive changes which will be the real test.

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