In Safe Hands

If you’ve ever handed over your car keys to your teenage son or daughter, or lent a treasured item of clothing to a friend, you’ll know the uniquely nerve-wracking feeling of putting another person in charge of something that really matters to you. At Rock Solid Deliveries, we understand that parting with a valuable item, even just for a few hours, can be an anxious experience. So, we pride ourselves on handling every item we deliver as if it was our own. Our same day couriers take excellent care of every item they deliver, making sure that valuable and breakable items are secured and packed in a way that minimises the possibility of damage. And they’ll never carry more than one delivery in the same van, so there will be no other items to break or crush your valuables in transit.

When Jeremy needed his guitar amp delivered quickly and securely, we assured him it was safe in our hands. It became clear that this amp was a Marshall full stack – a sensitive, not to mention expensive piece of kit, and clearly very dear to this keen musician. Understandably, Jeremy seemed a little nervous about the delivery! But our same day courier picked up the amp, did everything possible to secure it, and hit the road. And when the amp arrived at its destination, Jeremy was delighted:

‘When it arrived it was clear it had been handled well and been taken care of. First class service.’

We make every effort to take care of what’s most important to our customers, so it’s really encouraging to get feedback like this. We’ll do all we can to keep you wired for sound!

If you’re looking for a same day courier who will guarantee to take good care of whatever matters to you, talk to us. Call today on 0800 999 8220.

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