Is a courier a dangerous job?

Any job has it’s risks and there is always something that could go wrong and lead to harm or injury. There have recently been some reports in the headlines (which is often common at this time of year and we will explain why) about couriers being robbed, and attacked. Is this common or are they very sad, sickening, but thankfully rare events? Our latest article will take a closer look at this.

Instances of couriers and delivery drivers suffering injury deliberately from others is rare, and is certainly not an ‘everyday’ occurrence or risk that you might associate from someone working in the police force or prison service for example. In those latter two areas, whilst no one should be subject to injury or harm for carrying out their role, it is a form of accepted (or at least perceived) risk.

Delivery workers and same day couriers, can be unlucky targets when it comes to thieves, but this is true of any worker or business. It is true however that couriers seem to be a greater target in the run up to, and around the festive season. This is for one simple reason. Couriers tend to be transporting very valuable, new, (sometimes scarce and in demand,) items that will be given as Christmas presents. In these instances people can go to all sorts of lengths to get their hands on the items (we’ve seen the fights in supermarkets on Black Fridays for TV’s for example,) and this causes ordinary people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, let alone professional criminals. Even in these situations though, there are things individuals can do to lower their risk if working as couriers – especially at this time of year, but at any time of year also, and we will now explore some of these tips.

(1) When working as a courier, try not to draw attention to the fact that you are a courier as much as possible. If you are simply just a normal van and blend in with the rest of the traffic on the road, this makes you less distinguishable and thus lowers risk.

(2) Let people know where you are and keep them updated on your planned routes and drops. Having someone knowing these things is not only reassuring but it can also mean locating and helping you much easier if needed.

(3) For the dark nights, have a torch to hand and wear a high visibility jacket or vest. Being seen and being able to see are valuable things if you are ever in vulnerable or lonely situations and little things like this can really help lower your risk as a target.

(4) Keep aware of surroundings and things around you. Has that car behind been following you for too long? This is often about trusting your instincts. If something doesn’t look or feel right then it probably isn’t! This can help stop you getting into a dangerous situation.

(5) Don’t take risks. We all want to finish work early or on time, but don’t take shortcuts for the sake of your health. Keep vigilant at all times, but keep in mind that attacks on couriers are rare, as is probably a similar risk that we all face in society generally.

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