Is same day delivery becoming a common delivery option in retail?

Delivery options continue to change as there becomes a wealth of choice for customers and consumers. Gone are the times we would wait days or even weeks for a parcel and would not even question it. Now, in some circumstances, tomorrow can be too late or too slow for a parcel delivery. The change in delivery habits has partly come about because of the onset of same day delivery. In our latest article, we’ll take a closer look at this change in behaviour and what it could mean.

For some businesses, same day delivery can mean the difference between making a profit or loss and providing great customer satisfaction or just an average service. Same day delivery is already changing the way people shop and receive deliveries. It gives the customers the chance to get their goods in next to no time when there is a greater expectation to have access to goods purchased online in a similar quickness to how someone would in a physical shop. It also gives businesses the chance to be able to make more revenue and profit, by delivering multiple orders in a prompt time.

Over the last few years, more and more companies are experimenting with a same day delivery offering. This includes well known brands and high street names that wish to sell more and get their goods out as quick as possible. This is a big positive for the courier industry because for logistical reasons, it means more work. Many retailers do not have the capacity to be able to run their own delivery networks within their company, because at the moment, the sufficient demand is not there. The expense to them therefore would far outweigh any income. This is where delivery companies can benefit, because it means the solution falls to them.

Recent research on same day delivery options is interesting, and does point to the way forward. As much as a third of retailers plan to look more closely at same day delivery options over the next 12 months, with nearly 40% of them already offering it.

Same day delivery can bring a number of logistical issues for retail, and these need to be thought about in anyone who thinks of offering it as a service. For retailers to offer it for example, a 100 mile trip to drop one small item off would make little economic sense, but if multiple same day drops can be scheduled or coordinated within a smaller radius, this is where it could really work. The ability and appeal for same day delivery can vary between target audience and this is another consideration. Mature adults are much more content on waiting a few extra days for items and studies have found these least likely to engage with same day delivery options, especially if extra cost is associated. If you run a retail company that appeals to a more mature market, chances are this won’t be top of your list (compared to a younger audience where quick delivery is expected for example.)

Same day delivery is something you will hear more and more about in the coming years, becoming a common delivery option. As we have seen though, it won’t be right for every audience or every situation. Discovering what works best and makes the most economical sense will be the key in how this develops within retail.

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