Is This The Future of Haulage?

When Tesla unveils a new product, it’s usually worth sitting up and taking notice. So when their CEO, Elon Musk, announced an electric-powered articulated lorry, he got our attention. According to Musk, this truck will have a range of 500 miles from a single charge and will make any diesel-powered alternative look like ‘a steam engine with a side of quiche’. We’ve seen a few slightly nutty proposals for new developments to the motor industry (vans made of plants, anyone?!),

But this looks genuinely exciting. Once an electric lorry is in production – and Tesla are promising the Semi will be available in 2019 – it will offer our same day couriers comparable performance to a diesel model, much lower running costs and dramatically lower emissions.

Too good to be true? Well, the unanswered question is what the bottom line will be. A recent study concluded that a battery which would allow a truck a range of 300 miles would cost $200,000 – nearly twice the price tag of a diesel-powered lorry. Can a same day courier really afford that kind of outlay?

This is surely the future, though. Even if Tesla can’t make a success of their own model (and they have had big problems recently in meeting demand for one of their cars), other manufacturers, including Daimler and Volkswagen, are hot on their heels.

We can’t say yet how soon it will be before our own same day couriers are using electric vehicles. But we’re watching developments with great interest and, in the meantime, we’re doing all we can to keep our emissions down and reduce our carbon footprint.

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