Labelling a parcel – what to look out for

Sounds basic right? Why would anyone need advice on how to label a box? You would be surprised however! Ensuring your parcel is labelled correctly is a very important thing. After all, if the label comes off or gets lost, how will anyone know what is inside the package, or more importantly, the destination the parcel is going to? In our latest article we’ll take a look at some great tips for ensuring that your parcel is labelled correctly.

Ensure that any old labels are removed or completely invisible.

Having old labels on packages can cause problems. It can lead to confusion about where the parcel is destined for and can cause delays at the very least, or incorrect delivery at the worst case. In situations concerning old labels, it is not just the name and address you need to watch out for. Any old reference numbers or barcodes can inadvertently be scanned which can also account for errors. If you are in doubt, simply completely cover the old box or use a new box to avoid the risk of problems.

Ensure the surface area is clean.

If the box has been used before, or is dirty, then shipping labels can have a problem sticking to the cardboard or substance that the packaging box is made from. This can make it more likely that the label will fall off. Equally beware that some packaging substances and labels do not have the best adhesive for sticking purposes. The quality of the ‘stick’ can likely fade over time, so if you have had labels for a long while, you may find that they do not adhere to the surface as well as they should or could.

Protect the label.

This point is related to the one above but is a separate additional thing. For reasons outlined in the previous paragraph (i.e., labels can come off) don’t think that once your label has stuck that is the end of the matter. It is a wise move to do what you can to protect the label. This could include placing extra tape around the perimeter as a double check that the label will remain in place. Before even sticking the label, you could also consider placing it in some kind of protective format, so any water from rain will not risk smudging the ink and making the details ineligible.

Add additional labels which may assist.

Remember those “fragile handle with care” labels, “This way up,” or “Please do not bend”?

These are all very useful and serve a valuable additional purpose to labelling your boxes and packages. Consider what you are sending and the environment that it is going to be sent in. Any additional labels where appropriate, would help the courier to take greater care of your package if there is a specific need for doing so.

Extra requirements for shipping abroad.

Remember that when you are sending items internationally (which now includes the EU,) goods are subject to customs declarations and other paperwork, Any labels need to take account of this extra information which is required. When labelling your parcels in this instance, you need to be mindful of the extra space that is required on the box to be able to account for these things.

Whilst labelling is easy it may not be as straightforward as you first thought. How many of these points did you know before reading this article?

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