Little by little

When Sir Dave Brailsford took over as Performance Director at British Cycling, the team were also-rans in international competition.

Making Britain a force in world cycling would be no mean feat. Brailsford responded by breaking down the business of winning races into its component parts, looking for small improvements in each area which would add up to big improvements over all. This approach has become known as ‘marginal gains’. After 16 gold medals at the last two Olympics, a lot of people are starting to think Brailsford was on to something.

We can see the wisdom in applying the marginal gains approach to same day couriers. It’s brilliant that so many of our customers give us positive feedback, but we never assume that will continue. We’re committed to constantly refining the way we operate, asking ourselves what we could improve and how, with the goal of offering our customers a service which is not just good, but truly excellent. That approach is what allows us to keep getting customer reviews like this:

‘Excellent service from Adrian and the team – reassuring communications and very prompt and reasonable costs. Sending valuable and fragile artwork including significant amounts of glass. All dealt with carefully.’

– Toby

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we aim to keep providing our customers with service that’s fast, effective and caters to their specific needs. We believe we are already doing that. But little by little, we will improve still further.

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