Local Knowledge

‘Faraday Avenue?’ The driver of the articulated lorry leaned down out of his cab and handed me a delivery sheet, pointing to the address at the top. This seemed an unlikely destination for a pallet-load of freight. The driver couldn’t say much more than that in English, and my Bulgarian isn’t much good either, but he at least managed to explain that he had a delivery for an address on this road. Except he didn’t. On closer inspection, the delivery address was another Faraday Avenue, on an industrial estate, the other side of the city!

A driver with a little local knowledge would have realised immediately that he was in the wrong place. (Come to think of it, a driver with a little common sense would probably have realised that, too!) This is why we use local couriers, for local deliveries. A same day courier with local knowledge immediately knows when a delivery address doesn't look quite right. S/he knows how long it will take to get from A to B. S/he knows the traffic hot spots and how to avoid them.

The latest technology is useful, too, so naturally our vehicles are equipped with up-to-date sat navs. But a little local knowledge always comes in handy. It means our same day couriers can offer smart, prompt and efficient service. And it stops our drivers from trying to deliver freight to a semi-detached house!

When you book a same day courier through Rock Solid Deliveries, you can rest assured that your package will go exactly where it needs to go, as quickly as possible. Call us today on 0800 999 8220 for a courier with real local knowledge.

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