Lockdown 3 creating big demand for couriers

Some saw lockdown 3 as inevitable, many were surprised by what they regarded as its late and quick imposition. One thing that is clear from latest research (along with trends and patterns from lockdowns 1 and 2) is that the demand for couriers and delivery services has again surged. We will take a closer look at this in our latest blog post.

Research shows that it is not just the lockdown which has driven this extra demand for courier services. The tight timings with the Brexit deal, along with the delays at the ports which were experienced in Dover and Kent over Christmas have also added to this trend and pressure. All this has contributed to extra delays for parcels and deliveries right across the country. The report also states that as soon as the third lockdown was announced, supermarket websites crashed as home delivery slots were simply swallowed up by demand.

It is not all bad news however. Despite some problems and some unsettling, the courier industry seems to be coping well enough and there are certainly not the problems as when the first lockdown came into effect in March last year. The report makes clear that January and February will be bumpy for many industries (including couriers which many of these industries rely on) as the impacts of Covid, effects of Brexit and general uncertainty and nervousness float around.

It has been reported that online sales have consistently been up 50% and more since the first lockdown was introduced and that shopping websites and delivery companies are now in a much better position to be able to deal with the demand. A lot of the problems can stem from initial panic – just like we see panic buying at the shops. Once thing settle down it is often found there is more than enough capacity to cope within the industry with only occasional and minor problems which would normally be experienced anyway.

The report also highlights the Brexit deal and that whilst a deal was struck (being far better from the disruption that no deal could have brought) there are still implications for international sending and delivery. Most European couriers have already added extra costs (often around €5) on parcels which cross the UK /EU border, to cope with the extra paperwork that is now associated with sending items abroad. If you are looking to send deliveries aboard, then visit our European delivery page to find our further information on this service.

Throughout the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic and through Brexit and it’s implications, we are still here to serve all our customers as usual. Whether you are looking for same day delivery or something as intricate as a freight service contact Adrian to find to get a quote and more information.

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