What are the main industries that regularly use courier services?

We at Rock Solid Deliveries are specialists within the courier industry. We cater for all types of deliveries from the general and ordinary to the specific and unique. Within this range of scope, there are plenty of industries that regularly use and rely on couriers to keep their business moving. In our latest blog post, we will take a look at what some of these main ones are.

The obvious one is the retail and shopping industry. A lot of couriers and delivery companies get a sizable amount of work from this industry. This is without mentioning the many benefits that repeat business can bring, aswell as seasonal demand (like from Christmas) when couriers and delivery companies are even more precious. There is such as thing however as ‘not putting all the eggs in one basket.’ The trouble with relying on this as a business strategy is you are a courier surrounded by many many  other companies that offer retail services, and if often leads to our industry being swamped. That can be better news for customers as there is more competition, but clever courier companies know that thinking outside the box and considering other industries that need couriers is also worth participating in.

Another industry which relies on courier companies is that of the legal field. This might sound a little puzzling, but couriers can be vital here. The law often involves lots of paperwork, tight deadlines and essential / confidential documents. Some of these aspects are not suitable for dealing with in the ordinary post and therefore use of an accountable traceable courier is what is needed. Deadlines can often go down to the wire as we all know, and quick distribution and action is needed in these cases. Couriers prove vital in these situations, as they can provide same day delivery services. We offer both this and a legal courier service.

A further industry which relies on couriers is the medical industry. This is most poignant given the current situation and the problems we have faced with Covid for nearly a year now. Remember that medical is more than just a hospital or doctors practices, and can stretch to include, dentists, pharmacies, or occupational health centres amongst others. Medical couriers can deliver lifesaving drugs, medicines, or equipment when time is of the essence and there is simply no time to wait. Many courier companies have vehicle’s which are specifically adapted to deal with medical delivery (e.g. temperature controlled) to ensure the contents are transported exactly as needed.

Stationary and printing companies rely heavily on couriers because of the scale of output they produce. From brochures and flyers to adverts and leaflets, the quantities of stationary which can produced require someone dedicated to organise and complete delivery. The bulk weight of a lot of these items would make then unsuitable for many other delivery methods.

Everything else! Yes, there is simply too many industries to list individually, because there becomes a time when every business needs a courier, even if it is infrequent or occasional. Being seen to be able to provide a fast and reliable service is one of your customer’s top priorities. Courier and delivery companies can help be a vital chain in that process.

To talk to us about your industry and its need for a courier, then contact Adrian or one of the team now, and speak to us about your requirements.

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