Ofcom intervene to improve the parcel delivery experience

Rock Solid Deliveries are a leading courier company based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. Tasked with important services such as same day courier delivery, we know how important a professional and reliable service is. Many courier companies strive and work hard to achieve similar levels of performance. Sadly however not everyone does, and there is increasing concern and complaints from customers who are fed up with the way that many courier companies treat them and their parcels. Complaints have increased over the years – so much so that the regulator, Ofcom, has now intervened to ensure that standards improve. Our latest article will take a closer look at this.

A recent study has shown that 64% of people have reported problems with their deliveries or courier company. By any standards, that figure is far too high. Ofcom have told couriers that they need to improve the service they provide, aswell as how they handle and deal with complaints from their customers. New rules are in the process of being placed on the industry, to ensure standards are met.

One of the worrying things from the study is how disabled customers seem to experience more problems than anyone else. Over 50% of disabled customers using a courier service had issues or cause to complain. Ofcom have found that this cohort are more likely to experience greater difficulties – something which needs to be addressed.

The study also found that over 25% of people found it difficult to make a complaint or raise a concern when they needed assistance from the courier company, while 40% of people said that when they managed to raise a complaint it did not get fully resolved. 1 in 10 people’s complaints never got investigated or resolved at all.

Given the amount of people the use, need or rely on courier services each day, these figures indicate that things are going wrong regularly, and problems are a common occurrence – that is why the regulator has had to step in.

It is true that the parcel and delivery network has expanded rapidly over the last few years. The coronavirus pandemic has been a big factor in this through 2020 and 2021, as people have physically shopped less and relied on ordering through the internet and home delivery. This can not be used as an excuse however, as the increase in demand has also brought an increase in turnover and profit to the courier industry. It is only fair and right that the expectation is that the industry should be able to keep up with demand and that this applies to the level of care and customer service it provides too.

Further rule implementation by Ofcom wants to see that customers are clearly informed about the process for making complaints, along with who they can contact and how this can be done. Ofcom have already clearly stated that if things do not improve, even tougher rules will be imposed, and enforcement action taken.

These rules are yet to be implemented as they are subject to consultation, but it is thought that work will begin in the Spring of 2022 to enact them, with them becoming official by the Summer of 2022.

Rock Solid Deliveries prides itself on the way it values it customers – our reviews via our Trustpilot site really do speak of the admiration our customers feel for us.

We support reform and look forward to seeing standards improve across our industry, so that all customers of all courier companies will be much happier.

Whilst on the subject of standards, perhaps this is a good time for you to look at our company values and find out about our approach to customers and work.

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