How can you prepare for an expected parcel delivery?


Having a plan of action is necessary and key to most things in life – it can make any job so much easier and run a lot smoother. Expecting a parcel delivery is no exception to this premise.

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries we are experts in same day courier services, and all things parcel related, so read our article for the best tips on how to prepare for your parcel delivery.

1) Ensure you have got all the details checked and confirmed. It can be a really good start to check that all confirmation emails or notes are in line with what you were expecting. Some of the things you might want to consider are:

* Is the parcel exactly what you ordered, or are items missing, and therefore will another delivery of remaining goods later be required?

* Is the parcel / package being shipped and sent on time?

* Is the delivery company who you expected it to be?


2) Ensure you have got dates and times correct (or as close to accurate as possible) for the delivery of your item. There is nothing worse than expecting a parcel on the wrong day, or worse still, actually having something arrive when you aren’t expecting it!

Remember that some delivery companies give specific arrival times, while others only provide vague time estimates, or even none at all! The closer you can pinpoint a delivery time, the easier it is for you the customer.


3) Think about who will be available to receive your parcel. Can you wait in and personally accept it yourself? Will a family member be in? If not, you might have to take other steps such as leaving it with a neighbour. If this is the case, it is best to let both your trusted recipient and delivery company know in advance, as this can avoid problems later.


4) Think about “safe places” for your items if you know you or anyone else is not going to be in. The best safe places are usually ones which are concealed but easily accessible to delivery personal.


5) If your delivery time or window has passed and you still haven’t received your item, then follow this up as soon as possible and don’t wait. Acting quickly means any issue can be solved sooner and makes it look less likely you have acted ‘negligently’ by allowing time to pass.


Whilst most of these steps sound like common sense, with such busy lives we all lead they can get surprisingly overlooked. Following these steps should make receiving a parcel much easier.

If you are looking for a reliable same day courier, trust Rock Solid Deliveries and get in touch today!

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