Preparing for your art exhibition

If you are thinking of holding an art exhibition, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many things to plan, such as venues and what items to showcase, down to more practical aspects such as how to get the exhibits to the exhibition safely. Rock Solid Deliveries have transported many pieces of art as part of our work, along with the attendance at many exhibitions. Read below to find our or top tips on making a successful art exhibition.

First, it helps to remember that art is a very broad word, and can have many topics or aspects associated with it. When you are thinking of holding an exhibition, decide what kind of theme you want to base it on and stick to this. This avoids having random exhibits of artwork displayed, which can often look like something has just been thrown together with little consideration. Given that layout might be an issue, you may also be limited on what you can display, so this can help make the project concise.

Secondly, you need to think about selecting the right venue. Factors such as size, style, layout and access are all things that need to be considered when selecting somewhere for an art exhibition. Generally, bright, and open spaces make the best places for art exhibitions, because they allow works to be displayed and enjoyed to a greater extent.

Thirdly, the cost needs to be considered. This might sound a negative thing to think about, but a bit of planning can be to your advantage. Not everything has to be expensive, and shopping around for places that can hold your art exhibition can be a way of getting a really good venue at a really good price. In general, bigger venues attract bigger costs, but again this isn’t always the case. Not only does the venue cost, there will probably need to be other staff associated with running a function (unless it is a small exhibition you are running yourself.) Costs can soon mount up, so it helps to have a plan in place of all expected expenditure.

Fourthly, once you have thought about the venue and items, you need to think about how to get people there, and this is where advertising comes in. Tell friends and family about your exhibition and let them spread the word from there. Try and think about your target audience and what would be the best way of appealing to them. This stage can be quite hard work, but if you get the right quantity and type of visitors you need, it can really be a winner for you.

Fifth, it is really important to think about transportation and how your exhibition goods will arrive at the venue. Art items can be extremely valuable and precious. Extra special care is needed to ensure they are wrapped carefully for the journey. Once the journey is in progress, you need to ensure your transportation method or courier is an expert in carrying such delicate items. Do your research and find out who has the best experience. Do not cut corners with cost here. Finding the cheapest option isn’t necessarily your best!

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