What problems do courier drivers face on the road?

When most of us think about couriers or problems they may face, we often link these to problems concerning parcels and packages. Many of us forget that any courier driver can be on the road for a considerable length of time and as such they experience all that our network of roadways can offer – the good and the bad. This posting takes a look at the most bothersome of these situations – which can be applied to anyone who uses the road frequently, especially for a commercial purpose.

A recent study has been published which looks at the problems that commercial van drivers (including couriers) encounter regularly on the UK roads. The biggest of these included the absence of enough space on small / tight roads. Secondly was small parking spaces and thirdly was difficulty entering into the flow of traffic or not being let out by other road users. Other problems which featured highly on the list included problems with cyclists, blocking of blind spots, tailgating and being cut up at islands and roundabouts.

With the coronavirus pandemic the flow of traffic on our roads has been reduced which has meant that some of these problems have gone away. However, with lots of people being at home, it has made other problems worse. For example commercial drivers have had an even more difficult time than usual squeezing through already reduced space on tight roads with extra stationary vehicles, or the fact that a lot of people have been at home with their vehicles static which has created even more parking problems or space finding missions than usual.

As activity picks up on our roads as things take a step to normality, it is important for us all to be aware of the fact that we share the road with other people, and how important our own role is to keeping everyone safe. The above problems might seem like annoyances, but it is these type of events which actually cause accident or injury. A further study found that tailgating involving vans (including commercial types which courier drivers use) was responsible for around 10 accidents and injuries per week.

As the autumn and winter arrives, further issues become important which are not as pressing as during the summer. Darker mornings and darker evenings statistically carry more risk on our roads for all. The increased likelihood of poorer weather at this time of year (from snow, ice, rain or windstorms) can also make the road a more dangerous place than usual. Mathematically it has been proved that the more someone is on the road (including those like courier drivers where it is an integral part of their business,) the more at risk they are.

Any form of driving involves a level of risk and a high degree of skill. For the commercial person like a courier driver, carrying out a same day delivery for example, who uses the road more than an average person, think about the level of concentration and constant performance this always requires.

All our courier drivers are highly experienced and as a company we at Rock Solid Deliveries take the safety of our staff, customers and their parcels seriously. To find out more about our company, take a look at our about us section.

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