The problems parcels face in transportation

Rock Solid Deliveries are expert couriers. We have a wealth of experience serving many satisfied customers. We want everyone to be happy with our service and ensure their items arrive in exactly the same condition as they are sent. To help in this we have made a list of some of the most common reasons why any parcels with any provider can experience damage during transit. After studying this, please read on, to see our checklist on how exactly this can be avoided.

Common transportation problems with parcels

As everyone who drives will know, our trips on UK roads are at the mercy of other drivers. It is as much about how everyone else drives aswell as our own skills and standards. When it comes to peoples’ jobs or businesses that rely on driving on the road, never has the co-operation of our fellow road users been so important.

With the above in mind and without making excuses, sometimes our experiences on the road can be just down to luck. When you are courier, perhaps delivering fragile items this can be less than convenient. We have complied some of the most common issues that might affect parcels:

1) Acceleration and braking causing movement – unavoidable as all vehicles have to start and stop!

2) General movement of goods in ‘normal driving’ caused by humps on the road, potholes etc.

3) Sharp bends or corners in the road, especially if advance notice is not given.

4) Adverse weather.

5) Emergency situations.

To try and tackle some of these problems, there is certain things we can do as couriers and certain things you can do as customers. Let’s look at a checklist of these.

How can a courier prepare?

* We at Rock Solid Deliveries use high quality, skilled and specialist drivers. These drivers know the roads and know how to drive based on the conditions.

* We use dedicated drivers for specific jobs, meaning the vehicle is not shared with other parcels. This allows our drivers to take the precise care and skill of YOUR package that is required, when it is out on the road.

* We ensure our items are stored as securely as possible in our vans during transportation, providing extra cushioning for fragile / delicate items. This takes out a lot of the risk associated with your parcel being transported.

How can a customer prepare?

Risk of parcels being damaged during transit can be further reduced by adopting some simple rules when packaging your goods.

* Ensure items are wrapped adequately using extra cushioning in vulnerable areas.

* Use the correct size box – a box too small or too large can cause equal problems for different reasons.

* Make known fragile items (both verbally and with a sticker on the box) so people are aware.

* Use a specialist service / a company with experience in fragile goods, for extra peace of mind.

Remember that whether you are looking for same day delivery, or the transportation of fragile items, we at Rock Solid Deliveries deliver to numerous locations throughout the UK.

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