How do we protect fragile items during transportation?

Rock Solid Deliveries are experts when it comes to dealing with shipment of your fragile items, our customers know that we treat your packages with the same level of pride and care as if the orders were our own!

Our fragile items services ensures your goods will arrive in exactly the same condition as they were sent, and we will never place fragile items with other ‘general’ goods. Not only through our care do we ensure that your products arrive safely, there are also certain things that the customer can do to ensure that an extra level of protection is added to those fragile parcels. This has the effect of creating double re-assurance for the customer.

How do I ensure fragile goods arrive safely?

Choosing the right size for your items is key. A lot of people think that a bigger box is better for fragile items, but this is often no the case as the extra room allows the contents to move around too much making it more likely that damage will be experienced. By the same token a box where you have to ‘wrestle’ to get the items in is no good either. The trick is to leave a bit of space (we are only taking a few inches here) around every part of the parcel. This often works the best in our experience.

Think about the quality of the transportation method. Most people do not give this a second thought but this is key. Boxes or envelopes which use cheap materials and are easy to damage on handling are not going to be the most reliable for sending your fragile items. Sometimes paying a little bit more here can really guarantee you peace of mind.

Once you have the outside sorted, you need to think about the space inside the fragile item. There are many materials which can be used to pack out and protect the fragile package. Adding multiple layers of bubble wrap to your item ensure it is properly cushioned and it doesn’t hurt to ‘line’ the box with bubble wrap either. You can then add foam polystyrene pieces to extra support the item and fill up any excess space. Sometimes people also use small bags filled with air to help in fragile transportation. Once finished, make sure everything closes firmly but securely so there is no risk of anything ripping out under excess pressure or over-loading. Tape up your package sufficiently, but be careful not to overdo it as this can actually hinder in the long run. Over-taping can made it more difficult for the receiver to open increasing the chances of the item becoming damaged on arrival (even after it has made the journey successfully.)

When you label the outside of the box with address details ensure you make it very clear on the box that the item is fragile. Statements like: “FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE” written or labelled bold across your package ensure it is obvious what is inside, and any responsible handler should take notice and extra care with this.

Choose experts. Our expertise stands out and this can be attested by our wide range of customer reviews and previously clients – many of these having sent fragile goods and items with us before and being repeat business. We know how important all parcels are, but especially the fragile kind and you can trust our highly experienced and knowledgeable couriers.

Extra steps Rock Solid Deliveries takes when transporting fragile items.

Our couriers are equipped with extra protective materials such as blankets and cardboard to ensure maximum protection of your fragile items. As part of these protective measures we also make sure that your item is secured safely in our vans, which avoids the problems and potential risks of items rolling around or falling over and becoming damaged.

We protect your fragile goods by ensuring that you are our 100% priority and we are therefore not doing other jobs or deliveries whilst we are carrying out yours. We operate on the basis that your parcel will be the only one in our van at that particular time. This ensures your goods are protected because it avoids the potential of damage with other parcels and it reduces delays and speeds up delivery too.

We also operate a same day courier service which is useful if you need your fragile (or any other item) delivered promptly. Don’t worry though, we still apply the same levels of care and skill here too!

If you need a fragile goods courier, and like the sound of how we operate, why not talk to us today, for a quote on delivery of your fragile items.

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