Put On Your Dancing Shoes

A top-class stage show is a wonder to behold. However complex the choreography, however ambitious the set design, the whole spectacle looks incredibly smooth – almost effortless.

Needless to say, this is only possible because of intense rehearsal and because of a small army of people running around behind the scenes, sorting out any problems.

We can relate to that. A good same day courier makes it look effortless, too. But it only looks that way because of a lot of hard work behind the scenes. So when Tracey called us about a problem with a production of Guys and Dolls, she got our attention.

Tracey’s son was performing in the show at the Royal Albert Hall. Exciting stuff! But he had lost the jazz shoes he needed for the production, so Tracey had to source new ones. When she called us, Tracey had the required shoes but she was in Sussex and her son, of course, was in London. We had a same day courier on the way immediately. The show must go on!

Tracey remembers:

‘I found the shoes and then called Rock Solid Deliveries to pick them up and deliver them to the theatre. Polite and helpful and totally understood how important it was that they were delivered on time and placed in the hands of someone that would give them directly to my son. Thank you so much.’

We got the shoes to the theatre in plenty of time, and a fantastic show went ahead without a hitch, and with a particularly impressive performance from a young man in a new pair of jazz shoes!

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