Ready for Christmas?

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But it can also be the season to get stressed! Here are a few ideas to help keep seasonal crises at bay:

Prepare for winter driving: Our same day couriers are used to driving in all sorts of conditions. Things can get a little dicey on the roads at this time of year, and we’ve been grateful more than once that we were properly prepared for winter driving conditions. RoSPA have some comprehensive and very useful advice available on their website. It’s well worth a look.

Look after the pennies: Let’s face it, Christmas can be expensive. But there are ways to cut back on unnecessary outlay. Check out Money Saving Expert for all sorts of deals, offers and financial tips. (Especially if you might need to pay for a same day courier to get that last-minute present to you!)

Order early: While we’re on the subject of last-minute deliveries, it’s worth ordering what you know you’ll need as soon as you can – whether that’s business supplies, presents, food or a tree. It’s a busy time of year, of course. Suppliers and couriers alike will be rushed off their feet in the run-up to Christmas, so don’t risk delays. Order now!

Choose a same day courier you can trust: If your delivery matters to you, you don’t want to risk it turning up late, broken or not at all. Our same day couriers will be available throughout the Christmas season, to help you with any delivery emergencies. Keep our phone number handy – 0800 999 8220.

Just one more thing…: Like our same day-couriers, Santa’s sleigh is now equipped with a GPS, it seems. If you want to keep track of perhaps the most important deliveries of the year, watch his progress from mid-morning on Christmas Eve.

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