How to save money when sending a parcel

Saving money is important to all. There is no better feeling than purchasing a service knowing you have got real good value for money and still a top quality service. You do have to be careful however as the two are not automatically related. Infact, some companies offer a poor service for a very expensive price and this can lead to the worst customer experience of all.

When it comes to parcels and couriers, you need someone who can be trusted. Rock Solid Deliveries are expert same day couriers providing the right balance between value for money, aswell as offering a comprehensive service. We ask you give us a try, as we are confident you will be pleased! Ever wondered what specifically you can do to save money when sending a parcel however? This blog post should help answer some of these questions.

1) Look on a comparison website.

Most of us generally do this for the big expenses in life, such as car insurance or gas and electric tariffs, but do you know comparison website exists for smaller services such as sending parcels aswell? These can be a helpful way to give you a snapshot of guide prices around. Be careful however. Not all companies (including ours) are on comparison websites, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t good or you can’t get a great price. Remember also that comparison websites are great for the generalised standard deliveries, but if you are looking for something a little more bespoke or specific, you may need to go direct to a company, as comparison websites will not cater – more about this later.

2) Reuse items where possible.

With the move towards a green environment, recycling and reusing is more important than ever. Not only can this save the planet, it can also save you money too, and this can even apply to something non specific as sending a parcel. Do you have a box or envelope that has been used before and still of reasonable quality? Consider using this instead of purchasing another. If you can, accumulate packaging materials as you go along, so you have a handy supply when needed which won’t cost you any extra. If you are a regular or multiple sender of items, the savings soon mount up by following these points.

3) Consider signing up for an account with delivery companies.

Some organisations will reward you for having an account or regular usage, rather than just being a random ‘guest’ customer. This can help save you some extra sending costs. Whilst we don’t do this at Rock Solid Deliveries, we try to ensure that all our prices are competitive to new and regular customers alike – we feel that this then benefits all and is fairer.

4) Consider a specific company who specialises in a service you need.

We touched on this earlier, but it is another very good point that could help you save money. If you find your parcel or sending requirements are outside the box (no pun!,) ordinary courier companies may struggle because they are not geared to or operationally setup to handle. They still most likely will not turn you away, but will likely charge you a higher price for the greater ‘expertise’ involved.

Instead, you could try to find a courier who regularly deals with these alternative services, and this would likely bring you a cost benefit because it will be a routine job for them. Don’t forget that at Rock Solid Deliveries we offer a range of bespoke courier services, covering everything from medical delivery to fine art or forgotten passport services. We specialise in the general and the specific, so are available for all your requirements.

Why not message Adrian today, to find out how we offer great value aswell as a trusted and recommended service.

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