Size Matters!

A startling bit of research this month has shown that almost 2,000 lorries plough into the UK’s bridges every year. One particular bridge in Ely, Cambridgeshire, has been struck 113 times in the last eight years. Apart from the sheer embarrassment for the drivers involved, this is bad news because of the cost attached to clearing up the mess. For a start, there’s the financial burden – £23 million a year – and it’s the taxpayer who picks up the bill. Then, of course, there are the inevitable traffic jams while the stricken lorries are extracted. And, since the majority of the bridges affected carry a railway, an average bridge strike leads to two hours of delays to train services. The message to same day couriers is simple, whatever vehicles they’re driving: know your size.

It sounds almost funny, but at Rock Solid Deliveries, we're taking this deadly seriously. Our same day couriers are determined to make their deliveries on time, with a minimum of fuss, and they care about the impact their driving has on other people, too. This news has prompted us to reflect on the measures we take to ensure the safety of our couriers and other road users.

We're making sure all our same day couriers know the dimensions of their vehicles, and don't take unnecessary risks for the sake of saving a few minutes. We also make sure they're equipped with sat navs to help them plan their routes, avoiding low bridges and narrow gaps. Quick and efficient service matters to us. But safe and smart service matters, too.

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