Some of the best types of vehicles for couriers

When you work as a courier, you get to realise that you can handle all ranges of goods which vary in shape and size. Having the vehicle that meets the need for your job description is key. If it is too large, then it is a waste of money, fuel and a resource, whereas if it is too small, it simply won’t fit. Having an idea about the type of vehicle for the particular circumstance is key. In this article we’ll explore some of the most popular types of transportation modes couriers.

The following is based on experience and personal recommendation. There are of course other ranges of vehicles, and everyone will have a different view on this, but the following should give a good indication.

Citroen Berlingo

This is a popular choice of a courier fleet, which provides a spacious amount of room for both goods and passengers. The latter can be extra important if you have a colleague with you, because there are heavier or bulky goods on board and you need room for more than just the driver! Second hand models can be picked up at a reasonable price, although something new is liable to set you back £20,000k +. Most of these are available in petrol and diesel, so a choice can be made as to which suits best.

Ford Transit Connect

These are considered the staple option of the courier industry. The vehicle’s specific design is small, yet at the same time spacious, which makes it perfect for someone undertaking multiple deliveries around town during the day. The van has a payload of around 600kg and as much as 1000kg in the larger models, making it ideal for where more space and volume is needed. Prices are also very reasonable if you look in the right places, so this makes a good all-round choice.

Toyota Prius

This is probably the smaller one of the set, and as such, it is great for making shorter trips around town or if you are delivering ‘run of the mill’ parcels that are not too heavy or of abnormal size. Some studies have found that this model can be very fuel efficient with over 50 miles to the gallon, even when driving around town. With the price of fuel at the moment, this has something that has got to be a winner for anyone! This model also wins for reliability and having a number of handy safety features, making it a really good option for the courier fleet.

Don’t forget electric vehicles!

The above are the petrol and diesel examples, but don’t forget that many vehicles don’t run on either nowadays. The electric vehicles have the added advantage of benefiting the environment and saving money at the petrol pumps, whilst still having all the features and space you would expect of the petrol and diesel equivalents. Some popular electric examples include the Citroën e-Dispatch, or the ‘all-new’ Electric Ford Transit, which are variations of the above.

Whilst on the subject of driving, why not find out about the locations we travel to as part of our courier service. You may be seeing one of our employees in one of the above vehicles very soon!

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