The benefits of having tracking for your parcel

Think about letters and deliveries for a moment. The amount that is sent on a daily or weekly basis can be significant. Add this up over a course of a year, then these figures can become truly astronomical. It is an expectation, even a certainty that not every single item is going to be delivered – some inevitably get lost which can occur for a variety of reasons. The rise and popularity of tracking has surfaced as a result of this. Doesn’t it make far more sense and give greater piece of mind if something can be tracked from start to finish?  Here at Rock Solid Deliveries, whether we are providing a same day courier service or delivering parcels more generally, we always have the ability to track packages and provide the customer with a receipt upon delivery. With all this in mind, you might be asking what are all the benefits of having parcels tracked? In our latest article, we will seek to provide you with those reasons.

Firstly, in a modern world where technology is at the forefront of all businesses, it just makes plain and logical customer service sense to have tracking for parcels. By having tracking, you will know exactly where your parcel is, whether there are any changes or delays to schedule and when your package has arrived at the destination. In 2020, we see this as the most basic thing, helping to build trust and relationship with customers.

Having tracking for a parcel creates great reassurance for both the customer and business alike. The days of parcels or letters disappearing can now be put behind us thanks to having an ability to see where an item is at every stage of it’s journey.

By having tracking enabled on your parcel, you will be aware that once it does arrive to the recipient it normally has to be signed for or acknowledged in some way. Tracking with end stage confirmation doubles as a great way of providing a receipt for delivered goods. This can be especially important if you need to prove some time later, (or in a circumstance which you didn’t foresee happening) that the package did actually arrive, rather than you word being taken for it!

Tracking is great for all items, but especially for sensitive items. If you are having something delivered that is valuable or confidential then it is understandable that you may be a little extra cautious or nervous about it’s delivery. Tracking can be just the thing you are looking for in these circumstances because it can help calm your fears. Most companies have a sliding scale of information they provide in terms of tracking, with the best ones giving detailed reports and precise accuracy. If you are sending a sensitive item, then this is what we would recommend for these instances.

Tracking and delivery notification comes as standard with all our customers parcels at Rock Solid Deliveries, so you can entrust us in safe knowledge with your items.




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