The Benefits of Using a Same Day Courier

If you’ve never needed a same day courier before, you might think you never will need one. That might be true. But we find all sorts of people do book a same day courier through us, and it’s usually for one of these reasons:

Because everyone forgets – However thorough you’ve been with your preparations for your event, your holiday or your new work project, it’s always possible that you’ve forgotten something important. Everyone does it, every now and then. If you need someone to bring you your passport, an important part or a piece of equipment in a hurry, you need a same day courier.

Because some things are too important to leave to chance – If you’ve got a legal document, a tender for a contract or even an organ for transplant on your hands, you’ll want to be certain it’s delivered safely and promptly. When you book a same day courier through Rock Solid Deliveries, you can be sure we’ll take care of it.

Because you’ve got things to do – We get it. You’re busy. You’ve got more important things to do than worry about how you’re going to get your package delivered on time. Let us worry about that. You can get on with the other things on your to-do list.

Because the unexpected happens – Probably the majority of our customers didn’t expect to have to call us. But we never know when life is going to surprise us. It may be that you’ll never be faced with a delivery emergency. But it’s worth having our phone number in your back pocket, just in case…

Rock Solid Deliveries are professionals in delivering same day courier services with a guarantee that your package can be picked up within an hour and arrive at its destination on the same day. Apart from the obvious, there are many other advantages of using a same day courier. Some of these main reasons include:

Pleasing your customers
If you are a business and using a same day courier service then this can prove very advantageous for the relationship between you and your customer. No one likes to wait for parcels which have been ordered, or wonder whether they are even going to arrive. By using a same day courier service, you can ensure that your customer receives their parcel within hours, taking the stress away from you as a business and allowing you to focus on other things, rather than deliveries going missing or not turning up.

You are placed at a greater competitive advantage
With the increase in one and same day delivery with shopping markets, you want to ensure you are competing with your rivals. Using a same day courier service can help achieve this because it puts you on the same playing field. You can then focus on refining other aspects of your business offering to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Lower costs
Using a local same day courier service can often be cheaper than a national company which is out of the local area. This is because costs and overheads are likely to be lower of the courier company, meaning they can afford to pass this onto their customers in the form of lower prices for offering same day services.

Using a same day courier can also save you money by reducing your own travelling and vehicle expenses. Letting a same day courier service deliver for you means you save on petrol, rail fares and wear & tear of your vehicle. This is in addition to saving the stress and the productive time that your staff can now spend doing other jobs.

Liability is taken away from you
If a staff member has an accident while delivering an item for you, as they are in work time, they potentially have a claim against you or the company. Using a same day courier services takes all those problems away from you by being handled by experts.

Flexible and convenient
If you require same day delivery only occasionally or at specific times / events, investing lots of time and money into sorting this can be non-profitable and counterproductive. Another benefits of using a same day courier service is that they can be used on demand and there is only a requirement for use when you need the services.

Using most same day courier services (including our own) means your items receive full tracking and traceability services with notification on arrival. What greater peace of mind could you need for sending your same day delivery items?

We’re flexible, with a fleet of vehicles that enable us to deliver just about anything, whatever your requirements. We’re all over the country, so wherever you are, we guarantee to have a same day courier with you, less than an hour after your call. We’re reasonably priced, always aiming to give you high quality service for an affordable fee. And above all, we’re quick: we will deliver your package to anywhere in the UK, on the same day you call us.

You may never need us. But just in case you do… Call Rock Solid Deliveries on 0800 999 8220. Make us your first call for a same day courier.

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