The difference between inside delivery and white glove delivery

New to the courier industry or not heard of certain terms before? Chances are you are probably unfamiliar with inside and white glove delivery. These are common types of delivery method within the courier industry. Our latest blog post will take a closer look at what each one is, and how they operate.

As far as any courier is concerned, no matter what area of industry they are working in, providing great customer service and delivering products in a high-quality way is the one thing that is critical, required, and that every courier has in common. Everyone wants their product, parcel or package to be delivered in exactly the same way it was sent, so there is no damage along the way, and it is ready to be used. When it comes to large shipments or items, this is especially important. Not only are these items more expensive (and perhaps difficult to replace,) they are more likely to be fragile or get damaged easily. Inside and white glove delivery are methods that some people might choose for these types of shipments.

Inside delivery

This method concentrates on delivering the consignment straight to the premises where the destination is (whether that be a business organisation or a residential setting.) Most people use this type of service for items which are vulnerable to the elements or other environmental factors. The benefit of this is direct delivery.

Within inside delivery, many people recognise a ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ aspect. In residential inside delivery, the consignment is often delivered to somewhere like a porch or designated place. The courier is then unlikely to take the consignment any further, due to the risk of causing damage to the goods and further complications from this. With commercial inside delivery, items are delivered into the entrance of the establishment, but commercial facilities can often mean that goods need transporting elsewhere (to the back of a large warehouse or up a stair case etc.) This type of situation is likely to result in additional charges being applied, because the agreement is only focused on delivery to a venue (hence just ‘inside’ the venue.)

White glove delivery

This service is designed for those items that require special care during delivery (hence white glove, and a connotation with delicateness.) This type of delivery method is often used for very large items or those which are outright fragile, and thus require special care. Anything such as medical equipment, art works or luxury items are those which would fall under this category. White glove delivery is often a more specialised and sophisticated form of courier delivery and tends to attract those couriers with greater experience, or those staff that specialise in the area. The benefits of using a white glove delivery service include greater satisfaction because goods are less likely to become damaged when handled with expert care. There is also a strength of customer relations because of the high quality and skill which goes into providing this service.

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