The Right Man For The Job Is A Woman

The courier industry has a reputation for being blokey. If we mentioned the words ‘lorry driver’ to you, we’d be willing to bet that the first image to come into your mind wouldn’t be of a woman.

But things are changing. It’s true that the industry does still tend to be dominated by men, but increasing numbers of women are becoming truck drivers and – yes – same day couriers.

It’s been heartening to see a recent drive in the northwest to encourage women to get LGV licences. The industry will surely benefit from being more diverse and more inclusive, and we’re looking forward to seeing our own company benefit in the same way. Rock Solid Deliveries has used five female same day couriers, and all of them have provided an excellent service, so we’d welcome more women with the same professional approach and the same commitment to meeting our customers’ needs.

Respect is one of our core values. As our values statement says: ‘We will show no favouritism or discrimination but will treat every individual we encounter with respect and dignity, whether staff, customers or members of the public.’ Naturally, this includes how we treat our same day couriers. If a driver has the right skills, the right experience and the right attitude, we will hire them and do everything we can to make them feel valued and supported – regardless of their gender.

If you need a same day courier, Rock Solid Deliveries will send you the right man for the job. But often, the right man for the job is a woman. Call us today on 0800 999 8220.

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