This Courier Takes The Cake!

Driving from Brighton to Dundee in one day is a tall order at the best of times. It’s even more of an undertaking when the load is incredibly fragile. And pity the poor courier who took on this task, without air conditioning, on the hottest day of the year!

The package to be delivered was a spectacular cake; the centrepiece of our customer’s wedding celebrations. Collected the night before from a world-renowned cake store in Brighton, the cake was covered in incredibly detailed (and equally delicate) chocolate work. Could it possibly survive the 530 mile journey to Dundee?

We knew how important this cake was to the bride’s big day and we made repeated promises to deliver the confectionary masterpiece without a flower petal out of place. The task demanded specialist packaging to keep the cake cool. Our courier also had to be extremely thorough in how he loaded the cake into his van and secured it in place. If that were not demanding enough, this gloriously sunny day turned out to be the hottest of the year, and the driver could not turn on the air conditioning and risk melting the chocolate!

The journey north was hot, sticky and a little tense. But it was successful too. Our same day courier delivered the cake in perfect condition, and it was a fittingly jaw-dropping feature for a beautiful wedding. The courier’s efforts were worth it. (And we let him turn on the air con on the way home!)

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