Tips for choosing the best same day courier

Rock Solid Deliveries are experts in the courier and delivery industry, having a specific interest and expertise in the area of same day courier services.

As we have been in the courier industry for many years, we know what should be expected from a same day courier. We have set our standards high in comparison with our competitors.

Anyone can theoretically offer same day courier services, but given the complexity and time critical nature of the role, it is not as easy as some might think. To help customers choose the best type of company for these jobs, we have put together some top tips to look out for when deciding who to use, based on our experience over the years.

1) Price

Same day services will cost more, because of the short time scales involved. As with anything however, there is a wide range of prices on offer. Some charge reasonable, while some charges are much more expensive. You are free to choose who you want, but same day services need not be as expensive as you might think if you look in the right places. Experience does help when knowing what prices are reasonable and previous usage of the service can help with this.

2) Reliability

Same day couriers must be reliable. After-all, you need (and are paying) for your parcel to arrive the same day. Consider who has the best reputation in the industry and go on previous reviews, word of mouth or recommendation.

3) Well known isn’t always better

We have many clients come to us and they are pleasantly surprised at the services we offer. Just because the likes of us and others are not big or well-known household names, doesn’t mean there is any compromise to the customer. Sometimes smaller can work to the customer’s advantage as the service offered is more tailored and bespoke.

4) Security

Many people choose to use same day services because there is something important, critical or sensitive that needs to literally get from A to B without any break in a chain. Some companies take parcel security more seriously than others. Who would want to send a highly secure same day parcel to find the driver has stopped for a coffee and left the doors all unlocked?

5) Customer service

Those with the best reputations are best placed to offer highly bespoke services such as same day delivery. Consider your interactions with the company. Do they sound knowledgeable, courteous, and like they value your custom? Research shows customer service is one of the most important things in a courier/customer relationship, and knowing that someone is just the other end of the phone can go a long way when you are handling and sending same day items.

6) Speed

Perhaps the last one is obvious, and there is no need to really state the relationship between speed and same day delivery services. This also relates well to the reliability point explored earlier.  Some may be surprised to learn that not all companies can either guarantee or actually deliver within the same day window. Your choice of courier therefore, must look at this very closely as speed is an obvious necessity in these services.

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