Tips for not forgetting your passport

This article will be poignant for many of you at the height of the summer holiday season. Preparing to go on holiday can actually be a stressful experience – all the packing, things to remember, restrictions to keep in mind, the documents needed, is it then any wonder that occasionally we forget something or forget to do something?

We have all forgot the ‘little things’ and forgetting your passport is surprisingly common. Airport travel can be a stressful thing with so many things to remember, so it is no wonder that remembering to take your passport can be one thing too many to remember! If you have forgotten to pack your suncream this isn’t the end of the world – there are always shops, but if you have forgotten your passport or travel documents, this is a very different story! This article will prove a handy guide to avoid this from happening and will look at what can be done before travel and what can be done after you have set off to the airport.


* Never leave sorting to the night or a few hours before. Take time to check and double check all your documents, and get them into an order. This can help identify any gaps and where vital pieces of paperwork are missing.

* If you are a family going away or going in a group, who is the most organised or good with paperwork? Nominating someone who is savvy can be a really good idea because it means problems are less likely to happen.

* Sort tickets and passports in a wallet, folder or document holder. Not only does this keep them neat, it can mean they are easily identifiable and kept in one secure place, without risk of getting lost. Women can find they can easily keep this in their handbag or men in their backpacks meaning the risk of leaving home without everything which is put in the same place is diminished.

* Now with artificial intelligence gadgets or even simple alarms we can programme these to remind us to do things. Nearly all of us take our smartphones on holiday and we are very rarely far away from them. Use this to an advantage.

* A lot of airlines now require API (Advanced Passenger Information.) This means that passport details have to be submitted before you even go and get to the airport. The advantage of this is it forces you to seek your passport out much earlier rather than at the last minute. Use this as a good time to keep your passport with something you know you are going to require or use for your trip.

* Just before you set off to the airport check again! It is far easy at this point to discover you haven’t got something because you are at home to search for it. In helping with this, create a checklist. It sounds boring and mundane, but it can be a very effective way to ensure everything is listed and ticked off as it is accounted for. It can also make things a lot easier as the time draws near for the trip.


* Once you have got into the car and on your way, there is nothing wrong with having another check, especially if you know you haven’t had the time before you left the house. If you are 5 minutes away from home, it can be relatively easy to pop back and retrieve something missing, and this doesn’t put too much of a dent in time, or increase in stress too much.

* If you arrive to check in and find you have forgotten your documents, this can be where the real problems and stress begin. The first thing to do is remain calm. Probably the last thing that will happen in reality we know, but blaming someone, trying to work out how it could have happened etc all costs time at this point which you don’t have.

* Find out how long you have until check in closes and what your options are. Is there another flight later in the day you can be transferred onto for example?

* Contact Rock Solid Deliveries! If you have got to the airport early enough and allowed plenty of time, we have a forgotten passport service that is perfect for this circumstance. It happens more often than you think, and our drivers know speed and time is critical in these circumstances, because of offering other same day courier services. This is why we can pick up your passport and document and have them delivered to you at the airport. There have been many circumstances where we have been able to do this just before check in closes, meaning that although the customers have ended up stressed, they haven’t actually missed their flight.

The important take from this is to turn up to the airport early. The more time you have until your flight, the more time you have to be able to utilise a service such as this.

What to find out more on our forgotten passport service? Click the dedicated link to find out more. Rock Solid Deliveries are experts in getting your forgotten passports to you in next to no time, often saving the day! Passports can often be collected within an hour and be handed to you right at the airport.

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