Tips for not forgetting your passport

You have had your holiday or trip booked for ages, set out for and arrived at the airport only to find a feeling of horror go through you that you have left your passport at home.

We have all forgot the ‘little things’ and forgetting your passport is surprisingly common. Airport travel can be a stressful thing with so many things to remember, so it is no wonder that remembering to take your passport can be one thing too many to remember! Our tips below give you some of the best ways of making sure you remember this important and essential document.


  • Just like most of us don’t pack the night before a trip or holiday, the same should apply to travel documents. Don’t leave it till the night before to start searching for your passport or other travel itinerary. Chances are you may only use your passport a few times a year and keep it in a safe place at other times. The trouble with this is the safe place is frequented so little that you can sometimes forget where it is yourself!


  • When you know you are about to go on a trip buy a document holder where you can keep all of your travel documents in – this includes your passport. Women can find they can easily keep this in their handbag or men in their backpacks meaning the risk of leaving home without everything which is put in the same place is diminished.


  • Create a checklist. It sounds boring and mundane but it can be a very effective way to ensure everything is listed and ticked off as it is accounted for. It can also make things a lot easier as the time draws near for the trip.


  • Perhaps one of the most obvious things to do so you don’t forget your passport is check and double check just before you order the taxi or get into the car to leave for the airport. In reality with other things on your mind, this is easier said than done. When you are checking round the house for the final time – that the windows are locked, the taps are off, get into the habit of checking your documents one last time. Apart from locking the front door, leave doing this as one of the very last things, but give yourself a bit of time to spare. It is better to realise now that you are missing a document than at the airport!


  • Now with artificial intelligence gadgets or even simple alarms we can programme these to remind us to do things. Nearly all of us take our smartphones on holiday and we are very rarely far away from them. Use this to an advantage.


  • A lot of airlines now require API (Advanced Passenger Information.) This means that passport details have to be submitted before you even go and get to the airport. The advantage of this is it forces you to seek your passport out much earlier rather than at the last minute. Use this as a good time to keep your passport with something you know you are going to require or use for your trip.


If all else fails and you end up being the unlucky one that gets to the airport without the passport, remember that all is not lost. Rock Solid Deliveries are experts in getting your forgotten passports to you in next to no time, often saving the day! Passports can often be collected within an hour and be handed to you right at the airport.  

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