Tools For The Job

Whatever your line of work, there are tools you rely on to get the job done. For construction workers, physical tools are essential: good quality spades, drills, spirit levels and the rest.

For other professions, electronic devices are the tools of the trade. So when Christopher realised he’d forgotten his laptop, he needed a same day courier to reunite him with it as soon as possible.

Christopher was in Yorkshire on business. His notebook PC was at his home in Kent. The clock was ticking. When Christopher called us and explained the situation, we had a same day courier on the way within minutes. The courier covered the 250 miles between Kent and Yorkshire with the kind of speed we pride ourselves on, reuniting Christopher with his laptop within four hours. He had his tools back and could get on with his work!

Christopher comments:

‘Rock Solid Deliveries is a friendly and professional outfit that does exactly what they say they will do.’

If you need a same day courier who’s friendly, professional and above all fast, call Rock Solid Deliveries. Call 0800 999 8220 today and let us take the stress out of your delivery emergency.

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