Top 5 tips for sending your Christmas parcels

The end of the year is near and soon the festive season will be upon us. As same day couriers we get very busy in the run up to the festive season with people sending parcels and packages.

If you are sending multiple packages it probably helps to have some sort of plan, so you remember to include everything you need to. Here at Rock Solid Deliveries, we have a helpful guide on the top 5 tips for sending all those parcels in the run-up to the big day.


  1. The first thing to do is to plan as far as possible.

    The need for planning increases the more parcels you are likely to be sending. Although we are same day couriers, we understand that many people don’t like to leave things until the last few days. If you do find yourself in a time limited situation however, there can still be assistance at hand.

  2. What is your destination?

    Depending where you are sending your goods (and who with) there are different restrictions on what you can and can’t send. It is always helpful to know the rules before you get anywhere near to the stage of sending parcels. This can end up saving you a lot of time and money. Whilst many will use a courier service like ours to send parcels domestically in the UK, many will send abroad. You need to be aware that rules are often stricter in the latter.

  3. Choose an experienced courier company.

    Christmas gifts and parcels are amongst some of the most special items likely to be received by someone during a year. It is because of this that you need to make sure you send your parcels with a courier service who will care for you as a customer and your items. Rock Solid Deliveries have many satisfied customers and highly related testimonials. Your business is our business and we aim to give complete customer satisfaction.

  4.  Avoid the queues.

    At Christmas time, traditional posting facilities like Post Offices can get very busy. This can cost precious time and often be inconvenient. By using a courier service, items can be transported door to door, often at a time to suit you. Using a courier or same day courier service can be less expensive than you think also, so shop around.

  5. A word about Christmas wrapping.

    Some people like to decorate the outside box (i.e. the box that the item is transported in) with Christmas wrapping paper. We generally try to advise our clients not to do this as it can sometimes make labels difficult to read. Despite even the most careful of handling, wrapping paper can also rip easily on the outside of the box. If you include Christmas wrap for your items, we suggest you do so on the contents / inside of the box.

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