Useful features and advice for Sat Navs for couriers


Sat Navs are valuable (and invaluable) pieces of equipment. Everyone can find use and benefit from having one of these in their car or vehicles. To someone like a courier or anyone who is constantly on the road for their work, going from one place to another, Sat Navs are vital for being able to carry out the service in the most productive and efficient way. In our latest blog post, we’ll look at some of the ‘must have’ features on any couriers Sat Nav, but don’t forget, this advice also applies to anyone generally.

1) Screen size.

Smaller screens are difficult to see. They might be fine for someone who is using a Sat Nav occasionally, but for a courier that is using it all day every day, something is needed which can be seen clearly and quickly without distracting the driving process.

2) Power cords and adapters.

This is something many people wouldn’t think about and is only a one off consideration, but some Sat Navs can have really small cords which limits the space and area inside the vehicle where they can be housed. This often results in inconvenient citing of the Sat Nav, and again, impacts on ability for screens to be seen quick and easy. Remember to think about this point.

3) Maps.

Some Sat Navs have only basic maps which are ‘fixed,’ meaning the geography is set at the time the Sat Nav was produced. Roads up and down the country are changing all the time with new roundabouts, junctions, traffic lights and even estates being built. If your Sat Nav doesn’t have a facility where maps can become updated, the unit can become outdated very quickly. If you are a courier, you could find a whole new village has been created without your Sat Nav being aware of it, making locating any deliveries there very difficult.

4)  Live traffic facility.

For a courier this is so important! Being on time or ahead of time for your delivery increases productivity and customer satisfaction. If you are an emergency courier or same day courier, this is even more important with the obvious time critical factors. The last thing you want to do is be stuck in a traffic jam. Having live traffic can help you dodge any hold ups and re-route you to alternative roads. This really is a must have for any courier business and their drivers.

5) Speed limit and camera notifications.

No one promotes breaking the law, but if you are driving in unfamiliar areas, or perhaps in the dark when road signs are difficult to see, you can often find yourself unintentionally breaking the speed limit. This is especially relevant for the likes of couriers who are on the road for hours each day and inevitably will become tired throughout their shift. Having speed limit and camera warnings on your Sat Nav device can provide that extra reassurance and ‘insurance’ in the case of human error, avoiding costly mistakes and penalties. They are not a mechanism for trying to avoid the law, but more for increasing awareness, and thus making the roads safer for all.

6) Warning features

You want your Sat Nav to give you as much warning when you are approaching junctions or destinations as possible. Sailing past and going miles out of the way is no good for anyone, and from a courier / business perspective, time costs money. Ensure you invest in a Sat Nav that gives good, clear and accurate verbal prompts. Make sure this is backed up by sound graphics on the screen display at the same time. If these work in sync, you lower the risk of unnecessary driving.

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