Vans Made From Plants?

It’s amazing how vehicle technology is developing. The latest innovation seems to be cars made of plants! Apparently, a team of engineers from the Netherlands have come up with a prototype for a car made from plant-based materials. In its favour, a car like this is cheap and easy to make, and completely recyclable: it’s a sustainable approach to vehicle production. As far as carbon footprint is concerned, ten out of ten! But it doesn’t look exactly robust, it needs recharging every 100km and the steering still needs a bit of work.


Let's be fair: this is a prototype. We shouldn't expect it to be completely ready for the road yet. Maybe this truly is the future of travel - only time will tell. And would we use vans made from plants? Possibly. Rock Solid Deliveries are always open to new innovations, if they'll help us meet the needs of our customers. If we can help the environment while we're at it, so much the better. I get the feeling it'll be a few years before plant-vans are a realistic option, but we'll keep an eye on it and when they've ironed out some of the creases, who knows?

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