Video doorbells and parcel delivery

Video doorbells are becoming a common site across UK doors. They bring a lot of different advantages to homeowners and can even help and assist with parcel delivery. In our latest blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this relationship and why video doorbells are proving popular with so many people.

There are many different types of video doorbell – not to mention a range of makes and models. Each has different capabilities and can perform a range of tasks. Some of the ‘top end’ video doorbells that are more sophisticated can even alert you to when a parcel is being delivered rather than creating ‘false alarms’ (in terms of alerts,) which is often one of the downsides of these products.

Google’s Nest Hello video doorbell is able to detect when a parcel is being delivered and alert its owner accordingly. The downside of this is that a subscription is required and so it is not part of the ordinary basic package. Once subscribed, this feature is automatically turned on in the settings and will continue to work unless it is disabled.

The problem with parcel delivery and video doorbells is that nearly all will recognise motion or someone entering your trigger zone, but very few actually recognise whether someone has dropped off a box or parcel. Google’s Nest Hello doorbell is a step towards changing that.

There are a number of advantages this brings from the angle of parcel delivery. Immediately you know whether something has been delivered, and you can take instant steps to ensure the parcel is put into a safe place, or monitored at the very least. Parcel theft is sadly on the rise, and as we head through autumn, towards Christmas with the darker nights, there is always an increase in this type of crime. Video doorbells that detect parcel arrival can also help with security, because it reduces the risk of parcel departure in the wrong hands! Video doorbells are live in real time, meaning that once you get an alert, you can speak to the delivery driver to give any further instructions. You can always be at home even if you are not, and worst-case scenario in these situations, you can tell the parcel driver to simply take the parcel back to the depo for collection or delivery at another time.

As a same day courier and from a parcel delivery perspective, we strongly recommend a video doorbell. If you are regularly receiving packages, the security and peace of mind it brings can be invaluable.

Video doorbells also bring a range of other advantages. Have you considered the following also?:

* Greater security for your property overall.

* A watchful eye on your property when you are away on holiday, meaning you can check in at home in an instant, even when miles away.

* A valuable deterrent.

* Night technology installed in many modern cameras means your home is covered not just in the day but in the night also.

* In some cases, add value to the house and even lower insurance costs – especially with the high-end, sophisticated systems.

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