What do (forgotten) passport couriers do?

Things slowly look like they are returning to some kind of normality, and this has been boosted by the news that green and amber list countries are now open for people to travel abroad who are double jabbed. In practice, this means popular UK holiday destinations like France, Spain, Greece and Italy will soon be having lots of Brits arrive on their shores once more. Maybe you have something booked already, or are packing just because of the thought that a well deserved break is just around the corner? Don’t forget your passport though, as you will not get much further than the airport entrance! In this article, we’ll take a look at the forgotten passport service we offer and how this may be useful to you.

Who forgets their passport anyway!?

It is more common than you might think. Going away on holiday (particularly the start and end bits of it, i.e. the travel,) can be quite a stressful time as there are many tickets, forms and other paperwork which needs to be present and in order. It can then be so easy to overlook or forget something, and one of those forgotten things by many people each year is indeed their passport!

Is your passport lost or forgotten?

The first thing to determine is which applies. If you have lost your passport, unfortunately there won’t be an awful lot we can do about it and it means your trip is likely to be impacted while it is sorted out. If you have merely forgotten your passport however (e.g. left at home) then this is something we do help with and have ‘come to the rescue’ of many people.

How does it work?

If you get to the airport and get that sinking feeling, firstly don’t panic or stress about what you should or shouldn’t have done. Time is the essence in these situations when the clock is ticking down to a departing flight and wasting resources over something you can’t now change won’t help.

As long as you haven’t forgotten your keys (or perhaps have a spare set with someone closer to home) we will be able to retrieve and deliver your passport to you at the airport, meaning your trip can continue without being cancelled or impacted in any severe way.

The good news about Rock Solid Deliveries is that we are a specialist same day courier company. Whilst a forgotten passport service is a form of same day service also, the importance of same day means that everything is running to a tight timeline. This would include retrieving the parcel or item, and is why we can pick up in as little as 60 minutes. This fast retrieval lends itself perfectly to forgotten passport situations, and it is because of our experience in quick retrieval that we are able to offer this.

What other situations may I need a forgotten passport courier?

Most people think of airports as it is the most obvious ones, but there are other situations too. If you are travelling by ferry and find yourself stuck at the ferry port, this is another example of when you may need the service. Perhaps you are crossing the channel on the Eurotunnel? The same could apply.

This service is available right across the UK and we regularly service many of the main airports which are located up and down the country. It is hopefully something you will never have to do and never need to think about. However, next time you are booking your holiday, keep Rock Solid Deliveries on your pre-departure plan or checklist. A forgotten passport courier really could save your entire trip!

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