What do we do when we receive your parcel?

Once you hand over your parcel that is it – you shouldn’t hear from us again until the job is complete and you receive your delivery notification. Have you ever wondered what happens in-between those two events though?


After we receive your parcel the clock is on. This is especially true if it is a time sensitive delivery or same day courier item. As a business we listen to our customers and are attentive to their needs. Our customers have told us that they want us to deliver their parcels in the quickest time possible in the safest way possible. This is therefore exactly what we do.


From the moment we receive your package once any paperwork, necessary checks and route information is carried out, our courier is on the way to the destination.  Our drivers never take their jobs or the companies’ customers for granted, so you won’t catch any of our fleet of workers detouring away from the job in hand unnecessarily until it is complete. That means no dropping by the shopping centre on the way or calling into the restaurant to book that meal for later! This is why we say that you can have complete confidence in us. When you entrust us to deliver an item for you, we would rather arrive much earlier than a minute late because this allows us to fulfil our promise to you. This is why as far as is safe and reasonable to do so, we keep our timings as tight as possible.


By using Rock Solid Deliveries as either your same day courier or other specialised courier service, you can be sure that your parcels are processed and arrive at their destination in the fastest time possible, adhering to any guarantees or deadlines agreed.


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