What does a freight courier do?

You may have heard of the term freight but not know exactly what it is, or what transportation of freight actually involves.

Freight normally concerns goods which are transported by land, sea or through the air. Freight normally applies to large amount of goods or commodities and it is because of this that normally freight is delivered in less traditional ways than what other courier services would be. Freight is normally delivered using the road, rail network, the sea or air.

Freight couriers normally have all of these methods of transport at their disposal and will ensure that the best one is chosen to ensure your cargo arrives safely. When deciding which freight service to use, there are a number of considerations which need to be taken into account:

  • How quick should the goods arrive?
  • What costs are willing to be paid?
  • What is the value of the goods that are being sent?
  • The size and weight of the freight goods.


For ground services, this requires transportation of the freight by either train or truck. There will always normally be an element of ground transportation even if sea or air services are used, because the freight will still need to arrive at it’s final and precise destination. Ground services are one of the cheapest freight transportation options because most major cities have good road and rail networks making it easy for goods to travel around. Sometimes depending on individual geography of the area, it is not always as simple as this however. The cost of ground services will often depend on how much is being sent. If you are sending a small amount of freight (sometimes known as ‘less than truckload’) this is often cheaper because it allows you to share the cost with other customers.


For sea services, it is possible to carry freight on board ships over a long distance and special ships are designed to carry the worlds freight around the globe. Depending where the destination is, typically this can be slower than other methods but as a result is one of the cheapest. The less expensive nature of this method can also be down to the fact that large vessels are able to carry abundant freight which is often bigger in size or weight than other methods, meaning in effect that there is less competition for space.


Air services involve placing freight in specialist cargo planes or in the hold of passenger aircraft. This is typically the fastest method of delivery and anywhere within the world can be reached in a relatively short space of time. It is because of the quick and convenient nature of this method that it can sometimes be the most expense, especially when costs and charges are factored in. Air transportation is often the best for a project with a tight deadline or where delivery is needed in a speedy manner.


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