What happens if my item delivered to a safe place goes missing?

This is always a contentious issue and something which many of us have either faced or heard someone face. With the increasing rise of online shopping and parcel deliveries generally, more and more items are getting delivered to peoples homes or other final destinations.

This is often an easier and more convenient way to shop as all of us are aware, until a problem arises like a parcel which has been delivered then goes missing.

Theft from stealing other people’s parcels is big business and is sadly on the rise. We have seen and read reports that there are people operating in vans literally going around roads to see whether any parcels are left outside in safe places and then helping theirselves to these when no one is at home. We have also heard that some criminals actually follow delivery vans, so they know exactly where to target – this could even apply to same day couriers.

If you have had an item delivered to a safe place which has gone missing, what can you do and where do you stand? There is sometimes where things get a little tricky. When you decide that you want your item delivered to a safe place you are in effect telling the delivery company where you want it to be delivered. So long as they leave it in that safe place, they would argue that they have fulfilled their duty and what happens after is not their issue. If the item is left in a different safe place (e.g. say you elected to have it left in the porch but it was actually left at the side of the gate) this may then be a different matter as the company have not followed your instructions or delivery wishes.

The important thing to note is to read the companies terms and conditions – especially ones that discuss leaving items in safe places or delivery when the recipient is not at home. Many will have a default policy when it comes to this, so by agreeing to terms and conditions you are agreeing to what they state – potentially avoiding them of liability should something go missing.

Remember that in most cases, delivery is undertaken through a company you have ordered an item off. Therefore the contract is between you and the business and not the delivery company / driver. Contact the seller first in these instances.

The benefit of using Rock Solid Deliveries as your same day courier is that we always ensure your parcel reaches its destination in the hands of the recipient. For whatever courier service you are using us for, we are well aware that our customers trust us with their packages, and many of our deliveries contain items that just can’t be left to chance that they might be received.

With full tracking from start to finish and delivery notification, Rock Solid Deliveries is well placed to undertake any courier order or job instruction received.

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