What Information Do You Need To Book A Same Day Courier?

If you are in a rush you want to send your items quickly. We want to deliver these on-time, in mint condition, adding to our catalogue of satisfied customers. When you are short for time it can be difficult to think of what information is required for sending items if you are put on the spot.

Have you ever tried to order something online, only to be confronted with a never-ending form to fill in? Or called someone offering a service, who won’t agree to help you until they know everything about you, from your shoe size to your favourite chocolate bar? It doesn’t have to be like this. When you book a same day courier through Rock Solid Deliveries, we make the process simple. We’ll only need 5 pieces of information from you:

The most vital details that we need to know are the customers / senders details and the recipients (including name and address.) For example, we need to know where to pick the item up from, and where to give a delivery notification to once your item arrives at its destination. Providing things like email addresses and mobile numbers are often preferred as it allows quicker communication with our customers.

If you are sending a parcel, it goes without saying that we need to know where it is being delivered to. Most people manage to do this but surprisingly not always accurately. Try to give the correct and full address as possible. The postcode is one of the most important parts. Whilst we have Sat Nav and other transportation aids these days a clear and unambiguous destination helps the customer and courier.

Knowledge of the contents of the parcel is also important. This isn’t because we want to be nosey, but because we want to care for your parcel as best we can. Having prior knowledge can help us adapt our courier services to ensure this is fulfilled. We treat all clients and custom confidentially, so you do not need to worry about anything which may be deemed sensitive. If your items are fragile then knowing this can help us care and carry them in an extra careful way. Likewise, if your delivery is ‘special’ in some other sort of way, our expects can make sure transportation requirements are met.

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries we have a variety of ways you can pay to send your parcels, so just let us know which method you prefer when you book your order. Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card is the most popular, but we also accept bank transfers and account invoices.

Finally, one vital important piece of information needed is evaluating how we did after. We use this to help our courier and same day courier business expand and grow and to exceed our customers expectations. If you are happy with our service, then positive reviews are always appreciated. In the unlikely event that you are not happy, please contact us in the first instance and we will do our best to ensure your query is resolved to your total satisfaction.

Once we have those details, we’re ready to go. Call us today on 0800 999 8220 and we’ll make your delivery process fast, smooth and easy.

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