What is a dedicated courier?

Couriers can undertake a wide range of services – some specialise in certain ones. Knowing which one to choose can sometimes be difficult, so in our latest article we’ll explain what a dedicated courier is and when you may need to use one.

In short, dedicated couriers are exactly what springs to mind. If you are looking for a specific service (e.g. fragile items) then a dedicated courier may be for you. The added benefit of a dedicated courier is that they are dedicated to you, meaning you are the only job they are focusing on at any one time. There should be no other parcels in the van, or drop-offs to make on the way. Did you know that all Rock Solid Deliveries jobs are dedicated courier services? As a professional same day delivery company, we ensure that each job has sole priority to individual drivers, so you can guarantee we can give you this attentive and ‘dedicated’ service.

As alluded to, one reassuring factor about a dedicated courier is that when the item is picked up, the same person will stop with it, until it is delivered. There is no passing on your parcel to another person or changing the mode of transport for example. This can provide greater confidence because you will know and have met the single person who has the sole responsibility for your delivery. In addition to this most delivery companies (including us) will have real-time tracking and delivery notification available, so the customer is really at the heart of the process and feel like they are in control of the delivery – just as if they were doing it themselves.

What are common situations to use a dedicated courier?

Dedicated couriers can be used in any situation when you need a truly bespoke and personalised service, however, some of the most common reasons for selecting a dedicated courier include:

* Hospitals or medical establishments that need transportation of specialist equipment or medicines.

* Food and produce companies that need timely delivery of goods due to short shelf life.

* Companies who deal in valuable goods such as antiques, paintings or furniture.

* Businesses who are sending important and time sensitive goods who need the reliability of a tailored and bespoke courier.

What are some of the advantages of using a dedicated courier? 

There are plenty, and it is not just a dedicated van / driver to the job, as we have already learnt.

* Speed – a dedicated courier is ideal when something needs to reach it’s destination fast as you are the sole priority.

* (Relating to the above,) another advantage is fast collection. Dedicated couriers should have the ability to be able to pick parcels up quickly as the ‘on demand’ nature of this service is what is required. Rock Solid Deliveries can pick up your items in as little as 60 minutes, so we can more than meet this point!

* Risk of damage is minimal. Due to the fact that your item is the only one which is being catered for, it has the drivers full priority so you can ensure it is loaded and secured safely as the driver does not have to worry about other parcels or packages aswell.

* Contact is always available. In these circumstances, companies know where their driver is and can contact them instantly. In addition, tracking and proof of delivery means the dedicated item is accounted for from start to finish.

If you are looking for a dedicated courier, why not contact us here at Rock Solid Deliveries today? We can provide you with a quote, take your instructions and ensure your important item arrives in quick time with a professional touch.

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