What is White Glove Delivery?

In the world of courier and delivery services, “White Glove Delivery” is a commonly used term, but what exactly does this phrase mean? At Rock Solid Deliveries, our same day couriers are committed to ensuring that our clients are well informed on the deliver services that we provide. In the article below, our experts will discuss what White Glove Delivery is and how it can benefit you.

Simply put, White Glove Delivery is a premium delivery service that goes above and beyond the standard delivery offerings. Characterised by a high level of care, attention to detail, and a commitment to providing exceptional service, the name “White Glove” originates from the practice of delivery personnel wearing white gloves to symbolise a high-level care and professionalism when handling items during transit.

So, what are the key features of White Glove Delivery?

Special Handling

White Glove Delivery involves the handling of special items that typically require extra care, including fragile, valuable, oversized, or heavy items. Some White Glove couriers will offer specialised services, such as fragile items courier services, that work to cater to the specific needs of these delicate and valuable items.

With White Glove Delivery, customers are given the peace of mind that their parcels will be handled with the utmost care and attention.


Couriers offering White Glove Delivery services are highly trained in handling delicate and valuable goods. They have the expertise to safely transport items that standard couriers may not be equipped to handle. This higher level of service can often lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Customised Service

White Glove Delivery is often tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This can include the unpacking, assembly, installation, and even removal of items if required. Personalised services that cater to the specific requirements of the client tend to be particularly valuable in scenarios where convenience and time saving are paramount.
By addressing and tailoring to any specific needs by offering a customised service, White Glove Delivery enhances the overall customer experience, going the extra mile to ensure that the delivery process is not only smooth and efficient, but also minimises demands on the customer’s time and effort.

Time Flexibility

White Glove Delivery services usually offer flexible delivery timeframes to accommodate the customer’s schedule and preferences. The services provided by a same day delivery courier cater work to cater to strict deadlines, ensuring that time-sensitive items reach their destination promptly. This is a great time saver for any business working under a tight schedule, and can help to alleviate some of the stress that often accompanies the delivery process.

Professional Appearance

Delivery personnel are expected to maintain a professional appearance, often wearing uniforms to signify the premium level of service provided. When partnering with a courier for your business, the elevated level of professionalism associated with White Glove delivery services can have a profound impact on your brand’s image. It signifies that you prioritise quality and attention to detail throughout every aspect of your operations, translating to enhanced customer trust and satisfaction.
By aligning with White Glove services, you elevate the overall customer experience that your business is able to provide, reinforcing the notion that you will go the extra mile to ensure excellence in every facet of your operations.


To conclude, White Glove Delivery is a premium service that sets the gold standard in the courier and delivery industry. At Rock Solid Deliveries, we take pride in the services that we provide to our customers, ensuring that their valuable and delicate items receive the care and attention that they deserve. Whether it’s for personal or business needs, choosing White Glove Delivery can make a significant difference in the delivery experience.

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