What makes a good courier driver?

Ever wondered why we hire the people we do, or how couriers land themselves a driving job? Perhaps you are thinking of becoming a courier yourself and trying to assess whether you have the personal qualities it takes to be a delivery driver? In this latest blog post we’ll consider some of the main factors in assessing what makes a good courier driver.

Expert driving

It is perhaps no surprise that being able to drive is a main factor in being a good courier driver. Sound driving is more than actually just driving the vehicle. It is also down to planning the route, based on traffic and weather conditions, being accountable for how you drive, respectful of other road users etc. A good courier must also enjoy driving, given they will spend long periods of time behind the wheel each day. This in itself can be quite stressful and demanding.

Customer service skills

Being a good courier driver is more than just about the driving. The other half of the role is the actual courier side of it, and how you interact, deal, and engage with customers. Sometimes, couriers can face difficult situations – this could be a late delivery, or someone who is not happy with the service. Knowing how to approach and address these kinds of situations makes the best type of courier drivers

Precision attention

Being a courier driver can be hectic – multiple parcels and deliveries to undertake each day. This means that you will be working on behalf of multiple clients, with each requiring the same level of care and attention to detail, no matter whether they are the first or last job load of the day. With the high volume of parcels and destinations to visit, it can get overwhelming very quickly, especially if there is not a proper plan in place. Having high attention to detail avoids these problems and makes it more likely that the system of operation will be under control.


As we have indicated above, a courier driver is a demanding job. If it is not driving for long periods each day, it can often be pressured to get to destinations on time and ensure that all parcels are delivered within a timeframe.  Despite all these circumstances, keeping high concentration is still key, because it only takes the littlest thing to go wrong, which can then impact the rest of the day.


Good communication skills need to be both written and oral for courier drivers. Being a courier involves paperwork (nowadays the electronic kind most often,) and someone needs to be sound at ensuring that logs and records are filled out accurately and accounted for. As a courier you will often need to communicate with your team back at base, along with liaising with customers – keeping them updated on changes or progress to any delivery jobs. An effective communicator can deal with customers, workmates, and employers alike, and know how to approach each situation.

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