What PLACES constitute ‘safe’ for delivery items?

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Our aim is to deliver as fast and efficient as possible, ensuring items are handed to the recipient (rather than being left in a safe place) whilst being fully tracked along the way. We are also able to provide our customers with instant proof of delivery once the package has arrived. This ensures we provide a high-quality service by keeping our customers informed every step of the way. This is often because our clients send bespoke items which need to be delivered personally. The wider delivery and parcel market would simply break down however if every single sent item had to be handed to someone, so this is where safe places have earned their calling.

Many people will have heard of the term ‘safe place’ and regard it as a delivery / courier term – it is essentially somewhere to leave your parcel if you are not able to answer the door. It is often a common thing done by many companies who are delivering items on behalf of organisations such as shopping businesses. Safe places can vary from premises to premises, but there are certain things that all safe places should have in common. In this posting we will look at what these are.

Safe places should be element proof. After spending money on items or goods, the last thing you need is for them to become damaged by rain, snow, ice or even wind. The packaging also matters. If your item comes in a cardboard box then being exposed to the rain will cause damage. Some companies put their invoice or important documents on the outside of the box. If this is exposed to the weather, it can become illegible or worse still blown away. Ensure you limit the chances of these issues arising.

Safe places should be concealed. This one can be a tricky one for customers as the place needs to be so far concealed that it is out of the way, yet not too concealed so the delivery driver can’t find it! It might help to think about this from a common sense and logical perspective. Don’t make safe places easy places for thieves to come and take your parcels. Sadly, theft of delivery items has been on the rise in recent years so ensuring it is only you that receives your parcel should be a top priority.

Safe places should also be accessible. The best ones are those which the driver can easily reach and those that don’t involve climbing over obstacles or putting health and safety at risk. If you get the chance to specify a safe place, it helps to be as specific as possible which aids in clarity for yourself and the delivery driver.

So where makes the best type of safe places?

Porches are the ideal safe places because they are behind a door and element proof. If you have coats or plant pots for example that can provide extra camouflage, then even better. Many couriers and same day delivery companies would choose a porch as the 1st option on a safe place list.

The next best thing to a porch is probably a structure like a greenhouse or shed. Again, these are reasonable secure and can provide a discreet location for your delivery. If these are around the side or rear of your property then this probably helps add to the positives.

Surprisingly, don’t discount your bin as an acceptable safe place. For obvious reasons, this wouldn’t appeal to everyone however. Just make sure the bin is not full of rubbish, and as an absolute must, avoid collection day as your parcel may end up in the rubbish much quicker than intended!

Rock Solid Deliveries same day couriers will guarantee your parcel arrives safely at its destination. If you want added peace of mind then choose us for a reliable service.

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