What PLACES constitute ‘safe’ for delivery items?

Everyone has heard of the term ‘safe place.’ It is common parcel and delivery terminology, and I would stake a good guess that nearly everyone has had a parcel delivered to a safe place at some time or another. As same day couriers, we often get asked about safe places and what constitutes them, so in our latest blog post we will explore this a little further.

The aim of our service at Rock Solid Deliveries is to deliver your parcel or package to someone physically. This is often because our clients send bespoke items which need to be delivered personally. The wider delivery and parcel market would simply break down however if every single sent item had to be handed to someone, so this is where safe places have earned their calling.



The most important aspect to a safe place is that it should be out of sight from other people. The whole idea of it being ‘safe’ is that your item can be left without the risk of theft. It might help to think about this from a common sense and logical perspective. Don’t make safe places easy places for thieves to come and take your parcels.

If you are sending an item and need to place it somewhere safe until the driver arrives, then you need to consider the ease of location for the driver. In some paradoxical way, this kind of contradicts the above sentiment, but many drivers picking up a package should have been informed of the safe place well beforehand, so this should take some of the headache out of finding somewhere suitable.

When choosing a suitable safe place, you should be mindful of the elements and potential for weather impacts. Many safe places are by their virtue outdoors, and exposure to cold, heat, wet, snow or wind can risk damaging the packaging and ultimately the items inside.



The above covers basic principles for safe places, but what precise locations actually work best?

Porches are the ideal safe places because they are behind a door and element proof. If you have coats or plant pots for example that can provide extra camouflage, then even better. Many couriers and same day delivery companies would choose a porch as the 1st option on a safe place list.

The next best thing to a porch is probably a structure like a greenhouse or shed. Again, these are reasonable secure and can provide a discreet location for your delivery. If these are around the side or rear of your property then this probably helps add to the positives.

Surprisingly, don’t discount your bin as an acceptable safe place. For obvious reasons, this wouldn’t appeal to everyone however. Just make sure the bin is not full of rubbish, and as an absolute must, avoid collection day as your parcel may end up in the rubbish much quicker than intended!

What is your number one safe place?


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