What should all couriers keep in their vehicles?

When it comes to any job (or anything we do in life for that matter) there is nothing wrong with planning and having contingency plans. As you will all be aware, a courier is on the road for more than 90% of the day and the vehicle becomes the static office that many of us would otherwise be in. The problem with this is that a vehicle is only small compared to an office – smaller still when it is filled with parcels, leaving little room in the van for anything else. Someone in an office can generally pick up amenities, essentials or supplies with great ease, but this is not so simple when you are out on the road all day. Our latest blog posts looks at some of the most essential items that couriers should keep in their vans, and the reasons why these are useful.

Paperwork. Couriers need to know their schedules for the day, so this is essential. Paperwork is not just related to job factors however. Couriers should have a ‘bible’ which contains useful and frequently accessed numbers in case of issues or emergency (e.g. the office phone number, number of the breakdown company etc.) It is handy to have all necessary documents relating to the business available also, such as insurance details, and just some simple and ordinary plain paper and pen in case anything needs to be jotted down. Yes we all have phones these days, but sometimes the traditional way can be better.

Sat-Navs. Who knows every single road up and down the country? Having your paperwork is one thing, knowing where to deliver it is quite something different. Sat-Navs are probably the most valuable piece of equipment to couriers. All courier businesses should invest in reliable and accurate technology to help their drivers deliver in the most productive way. Don’t forget chargers and leads either! Most Sat Nav’s don’t run without needing some kind of power input. These chargers are obviously handy for phones too.

Sunglasses. The sun can be very bright and dazzling and sometimes at very low angles making driving impossible.

First aid kit. This one needs no explanation but can be very helpful when those rare situations arise.


Car related items

De-icer. This can help melt ice quickly if you are in freezing weather and in a hurry.

Screenwash. Dirty windows can make driving hazardous and dangerous. A good tip is to ensure all ‘car internals’ are filled up before you set off.

Foot pump and spare tyre. Tyre issues are common, and the more you drive and are on the road, the more likely you are to encounter them. Having access to both these things can ensure that you don’t end up totally helpless or stranded.


Personal items

Food and drink. Ensuring the courier has enough personal supplies for the day ahead is vital to keep energy levels up.

Appropriate clothes. It is especially important that in the winter, warm clothes are on hand because delivery drivers are regularly exposed to cold conditions. Appropriate clothes also covers high visibility vests, jackets or other required work equipment.

Torch. Important also for the dark nights in winter. Relying on the torch on your phone sometimes isn’t enough or may not be powerful enough to see what you need.


As you can see, there is a lot to remember and we probably haven’t covered all of it either. It can help to sit, think and come up with a short list of all the things you may think you need as a delivery driver when out on the road. It can save a lot of time and trouble later!

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